European Super League: How likely is it to go ahead?

European Super League

The European Super League has been formed and over the last few days, the reaction to this has been somewhat incredible.

It feels like the first time that most football fans are united in how they feel about the project and that is the fact that they are all against the European Super League being formed.

There are 15 ‘founding members’ of the league, whilst five more sides across Europe will be allowed in every year.

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In England, six teams are involved in the ESL and these are Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham, Arsenal and Liverpool.

This new Super League will give the sides involved a lot of money, and from the little we know so far, you can already see that this idea has been created due to the greed of owners who do not know much about the history of the sides they own.

This is another worrying step which highlights how many want the sport to be a business and especially with American owners as they look to make football similar to the franchise style of the NFL.

How likely is the European Super League to go ahead?

The fact that they have announced this League makes it feel like a significant move for the future of football as we know it.

Due to the furious reaction from the Premier League, UEFA and other European leagues, the ESL has emphasised how much it threatens the integrity of domestic and European leagues.

Clubs would need the approval of the associations, who govern the domestic competitions, to join an unsanctioned breakaway league. Therefore, for the time being, it seems quite unlikely that the Super League will go ahead.

However, with constant changes in football, you never know the likelihood of whether such an idea like a new European Super League will go ahead or not.

If it continues to receive such a negative reaction like it has done already from clubs, managers, players, pundits and fans, then you would hope they listen and do not go ahead with creating the ESL.

So, what do you think about the European Super League? Let us know and click here for all of the latest football news and rumours.

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