Dana White reacts to Jake Paul beating Ben Askren


Following Jake Paul’s first-round knockout against former UFC welterweight fighter Ben Askren, Dana White has come out and shared his thoughts on the bout.

It's public knowledge that ahead of the fight, White wasn't impressed with the idea and didn't like the sound of a YouTuber sharing the ring with a professional MMA fighter.

However, after seeing what went down, it seems like he's changed his mind and he's been convinced by Jake Paul's motives.

It’s also worth noting that prior to the event, White had also said that it would be worth betting a million dollars on a Ben Askren victory.

UFC’s president, however, has now told Yahoo Sports that no such bet was made by him... how very convenient considering he would have lost...

“Let me make it clear right here to everybody. I have never made an illegal bet, ever. I did not make an illegal bet on Saturday night. I did not bet two million dollars with Snoop or anybody.” 

You may need to let Snoop know that then, Dana, because he was audibly heard screaming about the $2 million he was expecting from you after Askren's body hit the canvas.


White then moved on to actually praise Jake Paul, claiming that the YouTube star is ensuring that the sport of boxing is still on mainstream sports’ radar.

“This is the right guy with the right shtick at the right time. This guy is playing this thing perfectly. And boxing is in such a bad place, they’re doing a really good job at sucking in people to buy into this thing. And good for him.”

Paul and White were both involved in some internet chatter in the build up to the fight, and it seems the 3-0 boxer now has the bragging rights after knocking out one of White’s former UFC fighters.

In order to fight Askren, Paul had to get White’s permission, so it may be sooner than later that we see the pair enter negotiations again if Paul has his eyes on fighting another UFC star. 


A certain Conor McGregor, perhaps...

While it may be more likely that Paul fights an actual professional boxer next, many current and former UFC stars may be enticed after having seen Askren’s pay cheque. 

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