Gary Neville hopes PL's 'Big Six' lose upcoming games after Super League announcement

Gary Neville hopes the Big Six clubs lose their upcoming fixtures

Gary Neville has been strong in his criticism of the six English clubs that are participating in the European Super League.

The former Man United defender was on punditry duty for Sky Sports when the news broke on Sunday afternoon.

“The Premier League should be deducted points this season from the big six clubs,” Gary Neville said in commentary.

“To do it during the season, it’s a joke. It is an absolute scandal. Manchester United and the rest of the big six clubs should be ashamed of themselves.”

Neville appeared on Sky Sports' Monday Night Football and he continued his assault against the owners of the 'Big Six' clubs.

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher

The 46-year-old is now hoping that they lose their upcoming games.

At the end of Monday Night Football, presenter Dave Jones was reading out the games that were being televised by Sky Sports this week.

Four of the 'Big Six' are in action: Chelsea, Tottenham, Man City and Arsenal.

After Jones read out the fixture and who they were playing against, Neville chimed in by hoping that their opponents emerge victorious.

So Neville is routing for Brighton to beat Chelsea, Southampton to beat Tottenham, Aston Villa to beat Man City and Everton to beat Arsenal.

Neville's comments have gone viral, with the video attracting over 4k retweets and 40k 'likes'.

Earlier on in the evening, the 46-year-old called on players and coaches from the 'Big Six' clubs to come together to stop the Super League from happening.

"These six owners, I hope they're panting hard and uncomfortable and their stomachs are churning. And the players who play for these clubs, I can't sit here and say to the players of Manchester United and Liverpool to go on strike, because it wouldn't be right," he said.

"But lads, if you've got it in you, you can stop this. You can mobilise. Jurgen Klopp can stop it, he's a man of integrity.

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"Ole Gunnar Solskjaer can stop it, he's a man of integrity. They can all contribute to stopping it. And we must come together now, because this has been backed by six wealthy families, on the integrity of our national sport, and it must be stopped."

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