Gary Neville: Arsenal fan fumes at Man United legend for 'making sly digs for brownie points'

  • Tom Kelly
Arsenal Fan TV's DT is furious with former Manchester United defender Gary Neville

Notorious Arsenal supporter Mr DT is furious with Gary Neville's comments regarding Arsenal during his impassioned speech about the European Super League. 

What did Gary Neville say about Arsenal?

Discussing the heavily controversial topic on Monday Night Football, Neville made an array of comments about the competition. 

The Sky Sports pundit highlighted how the likes of Arsenal and Tottenham aren't currently in the Champions League places and also labelled the Gunners a "shambles of a club". 

With the controversy of the European Super League aside, internet personality DT wasn't impressed with Neville's comments. 

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How did DT respond? 

The Arsenal Fan TV regular had this to say on social media in response to the pundit's speech on Monday Night Football. 

"How can Gary Neville sit there and say "how have Arsenal wangled their way into this ESL.'," he shared on Twitter

"Since 2013, Arsenal have finished above United five out of the eight seasons, they have also won four trophies to United's three. 

"How about you concentrate on the actual matter instead of making sly digs for browny points." 

Should Arsenal be included in the European Super League?

It's clear to see that the entrants of the ESL haven't been decided on current league positions.

If it were based upon performances on the pitch, the Gunners wouldn't be close to earning a place in the newly formed competition.

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They are currently two points ahead of Leeds United and face the very real threat of not qualifying for the Champions League nor the Europa League. 

However, despite their poor performances, Arsenal as a brand remain extremely marketable, which seems to be the essence and the purpose of the ESL. 

According to Deloitte, the north London side are the 11th most valuable club in the world and turn over the sixth-highest revenue in the country. 

Does DT have a point? 

Neville gave a rousing speech on Sky Sports but let's not pretend his every remark is infallible. Arsenal may be having a worse season than Manchester United this time around but that hasn't always been the case in recent years. 

Arsenal probably have as equal right to be in it as United if we purely look at their successes in recent seasons. As DT points out, the Gunners have won more trophies over the last eight years.

But in many ways, DT has inadvertently raised a key underlying problem with the ESL. It seems to be based on an arbitrary period of football history, just as he's only made a comparison based on the last eight years. 

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Francis Coquelin

Francis Coquelin

If you only look at this season, then West Ham and Leicester deserve to be in the ESL. If you look at the last half century, then Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest and Leeds have as much right as Chelsea and Man City.

So yes, maybe Neville has exaggerated Arsenal's problems in comparison to United's when looking over a longer period, but the real issue here is that no club has a divine or historic right to join a closed shop that monopolises football. 

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