High Performance Podcast: Stuart Webber reveals his eye-opening first impression of Norwich City

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Norwich City Sporting Director Stuart Webber has revealed that his first impression of the club was influenced by the fact that the standards at Carrow Road were not up to scratch.

The 36-year-old decided to shake things up after being appointed in 2017 and has since reaped the rewards from instilling a winning mentality as the Canaries have gone on to achieve promotion on two separate occasions.

Upon his arrival, Webber noted that Norwich's thought-process in relation to their facilities was naïve as the individuals who worked for the club believed that they were doing the best job that they possibly can when there were still improvements to be made.


As well as growing as a team on the pitch under Webber's stewardship, the Canaries' staff have managed to step up when it comes to off-the-field matters, illustrating a great deal of character in what has been a tough period in the world of football.

Making reference to the club's gym, training pitch and restaurant, the former Huddersfield Town Director of Football described them as being in a disastrous state when he arrived.

Speaking to the High Performance Podcast - who GIVEMESPORT has an exclusive partnership with - about his first few days at the club, Webber said: "It was fascinating, when I approached, every document I'd see had a saying called best in class.

"I'd been here for about two days and everyone I spoke to, every head of department kept quoting the best in class line.

"So I spent about two days and my head was going early here.

"I've got to say that my head was gone within two days and I said hang on a minute and said this to one of them who is not here now, 'Best in class, what does that mean?'

"Naively he's gone, 'Oh right yeah, no what it means is it's about being the best at everything we do.'

"I've replied, 'Alright, What do you mean?'

"He's said, 'Well you know, it's the best we do in everything, everything we do throughout the club.'

"I've gone, 'Explain this to me then, you've got a gym where you couldn't swing a cat in it, you've got a training pitch with a hill in it, you've got no floodlights so you can't train in winter when it's four o'clock and it's dark. The restaurant is a disgrace, what a horrendous environment, no-one would want to eat in there and you've got 49 portacabins, is that best in class?'"

Webber later added: "What we had to do is, we had to change the culture.

"We had a list of values that were on the wall.

"One of them was growth and I would call them out and ask what they actually meant.

"What does respect mean?

"It needed a bit of shaking up for sure, it needed a bit of discipline brought in but basic discipline."

With Webber overseeing proceedings this summer, we may see his strong mentality shine through to help manager Daniel Farke draft in a number of new arrivals in the transfer window who have the mind-set required to thrive in the Premier League.

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