The Best Gaming Mouse of 2021 Revealed

1 SteelSeries Rival 710

Gaming mouses are essential for PC players, but it is not always easy to work out the best gaming mouse, wireless or wired, as there are so many available.

Gaming has evolved massively over the last few years and players are making sure they have the best setup.

When it comes to gaming, Graphics on the PC are unmatched. This along with the ease to learn on the PC and some of the great setups sees a lot of players look for the best products to buy to make sure they get the best experience.

Here are some of the best Gaming mouses currently available and the best gaming mouse of 2021 revealed.

5- Logitech G703 Lightspeed

The logitech mouse is one of the best wireless gaming mouses, if not the perfect one.. It is a nice weight and size and has palm grippers, with large side buttons, a large DPI adjuster and an incredibly smooth scroll wheel contributing to an overriding feeling that this is a mouse built with comfort in mind.

Thanks in part to its understated looks and relative lack of RGB lighting, the G703 is as good a choice for daily use as it is for gaming.

Dimensions: 124 x 68 x 43mm
Weight: 95g
Sensor: Hero 16K
Maximum DPI: 16,000
Buttons: 6
RGB: Yes
Price: £85

Available to buy here

4- Corsair M65 Elite

Many gamers are fans of First-Person Shooters (FPS) or Battle Royales, and this mouse is one of the best around for players who enjoy these types of games.

One of the reasons that this mouse is best for these is due to one of its unique features. The “sniper button” is placed on the left-hand side where your thumb naturally rests and instantly lowers the sensitivity when held, which makes it easier to hit your shots across the map. It also has removable weights whilst the M65 Elite can store any macros and lighting profiles you create in Corsair’s iCUE software thanks to a small amount of built-in memory.

Dimensions: 118 x 72 x 39mm
Weight: 97g
Sensor: Pixart PMW339
Maximum DPI: 18,000
Buttons: 8
RGB: Yes
Price: £60

Available to buy here

3- Razer Viper 8K

If you’re looking for a gaming mouse that responds the best to your movements, then look no further than the Razer Viper 8k.

The way that this mouse has been created mean that it receives new data once every 0.125 seconds (rather than every second like most other mouses). This means that it cuts input lag down to virtually zero, and this will help you make those reactionary shots in your favourite shooter faster than your opponent. No matter your grip type, the Viper 8K will almost certainly improve your game simply due to the fact that it is so easy to wield.

Dimensions: 127 x 58 x 38mm
Weight: 71g
Sensor: Razer Focus Plus
Maximum DPI: 20,000
Buttons: 7
RGB: Yes
Price: £70

Available to buy here

2- HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro

The HyperX pulsefire FPS Pro is a cheaper option, but it seems to have the best value for money on this list. HyperX is such a well-known name in gaming and this mouse is a great example of why they are so popular.

It has a wide surface area and wide mouse feet to match, yet still glides well across a mouse mat, and each button is customisable. It also has new and improved Ngenuity software, which means you can adjust the simple RGB lighting that lines the scroll wheel and pulses beneath the HyperX logo. All this combined together emphasises why it is one of the best mouses to pick up in 2021.

Dimensions: 128 x 42 x 71mm
Weight: 95g
Sensor: Pixart PAW3389
Maximum DPI: 16,000
Buttons: 6
RGB: Yes
Price: £40

Available to buy here

1- SteelSeries Rival 710

If you want to have the best gaming mouse out, there is no looking past the SteelSeries Rival 710. Not only does it have the perfect feel and fit for your hand, but it also has a customisable OLED display, haptic feedback and excellent build quality.

It is one of the more expensive mouses, but if you want one that is of top quality and one that will last you a very long time, this mouse stands out.

Dimensions: 125 x 73 x 42mm
Weight: 135g
Sensor: SteelSeries TrueMove 3
Maximum DPI: 12,000
Buttons: 7
RGB: Yes
Price: £100

Available to buy here

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