Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's back muscles are an absolute joke


There’s good physique. There’s really good physique. And then there’s Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson’s ridiculous physique that will have your jaws wide open to the point of falling apart.

That the 48-year old has been putting in one shift after another as he prepares to play the lead in DC’s Black Adam is no secret to his fans at all. However, he is really beginning to ram home the point now with all of his Instagram posts of late.

In his most recent post, The Rock flaunted his back - which, quite frankly, is of unreal proportions - at his beloved Iron Paradise while donning a cutoff Project Rock hoodie with the “Hardest Worker in the Room” firmly plonked on it.

He also included a wonderful quote from the iconic Johnny Cash in the caption, which read: “I'd love to wear a rainbow every day/And tell the world that everything’s okay/But I’ll try to carry off a little darkness on my back/’Til things are brighter, I’m the Man In Black.”

Now, this is no normal quote, mind you. Most of us follow him, but some of us worship him. The latter would recall seeing the exact same quote on the first pages of the Black Adam script, which the big man shared on his vaunted Instagram about a month back.

The Rock further had a few more words for his fans, reiterating the fact that he is all geared up to bring something very special for his fans.


“Great training session before sunrise and a helluva week training,” he wrote in his post.

“Thank you guys for all your support and excitement for this film—we’re motivated to deliver for you. Finish your week strong.”

Given the scenario the world is in, most would prefer sitting back and waiting for the storm to subside, and then there’s this man. An epitome of unrelenting passion and will.

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