FIFA 22: Release Date, Trailer, Cover, News, Career Mode, Web App, Gameplay, Cross-Platform, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch And Everything You Need To Know


FIFA 22 is just days away from the game’s official release and we have everything you need to know.

Since 1993, the American gaming publisher have been bringing the 11-a-side game to our television screens and our fingertips across the globe, revolutionising the way that we look at our beloved game with each new release.

In what started with FIFA International Soccer on the Mega Drive in 1993, the game itself has come a long way since then and has made giant strides with each new release and gaming platform

That being said, FIFA 22 will be the first game to be made especially for the latest next-gen consoles, the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, with fans keen to see the improvements that EA have made to the game.

At this stage, information is limited about the new game and we will update when details are revealed by EA.

Here is everything you need to know about FIFA 22:

Latest News

UPDATE 18th November: 81+ Double Pack SBCs have been added to the game code.

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A Current TOTW SBC has been added to the game code!

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UPDATE 16th November: Here are the requirements for the 82+ Pace SBC!

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Here are the requirements for the 82+ Dribbling SBC!

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Here are the requirements for the 82+ Passing SBC!

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UPDATE 15th November: The rumours around the 100k Preview Packs have been debunked!

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UPDATE 11th November: New ‘Deep Freeze’ content has been leaked!

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New player Stat packs have now been leaked!

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FIFA 22 Deep Freeze

UPDATE 10th November: New 81-86 Preview Packs are now available in FUT!

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UPDATE 9th November: A Redditor has revealed a great hack on FUT!

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Here’s how to get Jay-Jay Okocha in FIFA 22 FUT!

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Here’s how to get Miroslav Klose in FIFA 22 FUT!

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FIFA 22 Icons

UPDATE 8th November: The Base Icon SBC release date has been leaked!

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The Ronaldo Gold Rare card has had a HUGE drop in price compared to previous years.

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Fans have claimed that EA are manipulating the FUT transfer market.

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FIFA 22 Icons

UPDATE 2nd November: Here’s why you SHOULD NOT do the Heroes SBC.

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

UPDATE 30th October: Dataminers have discovered some major new packs heading to Ultimate Team!

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Ultimate Team players are panic selling Mbappe, here’s why!

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FUT Packs

UPDATE 11th October: Antoine Griezmann’s Ultimate Team on FIFA 22 revealed!

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UPDATE 4th October: FIFA 22 career mode fans will want to see our article on the best young stars to buy in the game.

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UPDATE 4th October: FIFA 22’s Metacritic score after the opening weekend is brutal!

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UPDATE 3rd October: Video emerges comparing the graphics of FIFA 22 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4!

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UPDATE 2nd October: FIFA 22 graphics genuinely look better on the PS4 than they do on the PS5… no, seriously!

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Gamer has tested who REALLY is the fastest player in FIFA 22!

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UPDATE 1st October: LAUNCH DAY IS HERE! But unfortunately, EA have already sparked controversy and upset a lot of players.

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Saul is one of a number of OTW players in FIFA 22.

UPDATE: 30th September: The Player of the Month nominees for September have been announced and some of the cards that could potentially be available are eye-opening.

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UPDATE 29th September: FIFA 22 gamer loses in extra time because his players randomly disappeared after touching the ball!

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UPDATE 28th September: A glitch has been found in the new game that makes it very easy to score from your own goal kick!

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UPDATE 27th September: We reveal how to do the new overpowered four touch turn skill

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Here is how you can play FIFA 22 on Google Stadia!

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Fans have been wondering if HyperMotion really has made a difference to the game

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We have derived a list of players in Ultimate Team that you must sign.

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We have derived a list of players in Ultimate Team that you must sign. Credit (Futwiz)

UPDATE 24th September: Here’s all the tips on how to score in the game this year.

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UPDATE 23rd September: EA are starting to receive complaints from players who are not happy about the ‘super slow’ gameplay.

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Mohamed Salah in FIFA 22 (Credit: Dexerto)

Anthony Joshua and Lewis Hamilton are both in FIFA 22 as cutscene emerges.

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How you can tell what is in your pack just by the animation!

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UPDATE 22nd September: A new promo card has been leaked.

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The points required for each FUT Champions final rank have been revealed.

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Release Date

EA confirmed that FIFA 22 will be launched on 1st October 2021.

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The gameplay trailer was showcased on 29th July 2021, with an impressive breakdown of their all-new HyperMotion technology with some methods undertaken that could take the series to the next level.

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It has now been confirmed that Mbappe is the cover star two years running and it is well deserved. The news has received a great reaction from fans and we can’t wait to see him on the cover again.

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Web App

The Web App always launches before the game is released and this gives players the perfect opportunity to build their squads before they play FIFA 22. The Web App days have been confirmed by EA Sports and they are:

FIFA 22 Web App Release: Wednesday 22nd September 2021

FIFA 22 Companion App Release: Thursday 23rd September 2021


Ratings are a huge part of FIFA, and fans will want their favourite players to have good ratings so that they can play with them throughout the game.

For now, these ratings have not been released for FIFA 22, but when they are, we will provide you with all the updates.

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Career Mode

While an official announcement has yet to be made about Career Mode, huge leaks have been revealed regarding what gamers can expect from the popular series.

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It is a certainty that EA Sports will bring new features to the gameplay, but what will they be and what can we expect from FIFA 22?

The year 2022 will see the World Cup played in Qatar and the first-ever in the Middle East, EA are set to create a World Cup game mode that will see the prestigious global tournament integrated.

This also makes us speculate what they might do. A possible online World Cup tournament? We will update you as soon as the details are unveiled.


It is not known at this time whether crossplay will be a feature in FIFA 22. But considering how gaming technology has come leaps and bounds in recent years, it would be a huge surprise if EA left this element of the game out.

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