Grand Theft Auto: GTA V graphics are insane in 4K


Grand Theft Auto. The mere mention sends chills down the spines.

So many summers have passed playing this thing of absolute beauty, yet we continue to be amazed every time we load up our consoles and hit the streets of San Andreas or Vice City or any location for that matter.

After all, it seems to be forever evolving and its popularity is only growing and growing.

Yes, the popularity is still growing despite the agonising wait we’re currently enduring for Grand Theft Auto 6. Hurry up already!

In what is a continuation of the very norm, Digital Dreams have, however, released a video that’s worth its weight in gold.

Wondering what it is about? It’s about the Ultimate Mod in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Now, what the Ultimate Mod does is that it adds 4K textures among many other graphical embellishments to a game that is already awesome the way it is.

I mean come on now, seriously, how unbelievable does that look?!

Just imagine what they’ll be able to do with GTA 6 on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

However, before you salivate too much over the prospect of playing GTA 5 on the Ultimate Mod, there’s a catch. There’s a paywall that stands in the way. Also, there are no plans in place to release it publicly as yet and it is only available for an elite few; the Frosty Series X OV3RK1LL’s Patreon members. Bummer, isn’t it?

Digital Dream have also put to an Ultra Realistic GTA V. The Ultra Realistic mod adds a flavour of ENB and Ray Tracing Global Illumination effects, too. However, with the RT implementation assisted by Reshade, don’t expect native Ray Tracing effects at all.

But anyway, this video is quite something and you wouldn’t want to miss it. When modded, it shows that even GTA V can be a match for the triple-A segments. It also goes on to show the magic that mods can be.


And there are many more mods that you can try out with GTA V. There’s the Grand Theft Auto 5 Remake Mod – which instantly improves the graphics – while others do plenty of things, like bringing your favourite superheroes and customised characters to the game.

That’s your cue to go try the Ultimate GTA 5 Superman mod.

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