Cristiano Ronaldo ducked out of a free-kick again as Parma score at Juventus


Cristiano Ronaldo has come under fire for his free kick-taking in recent years.

Despite scoring set pieces for fun at Manchester United, Ronaldo has only bagged one free-kick as a Juventus player and in club football generally since the 2017 Club World Cup final.

And just when it looked as though Ronaldo couldn't be criticised any more for free-kicks in Turin, the former Real Madrid man actually came under fire for his defending of them.

Ronaldo's poor free-kick defending

That's because many fans thought Ronaldo was at fault for Sérgio Oliveira's free-kick goal for Porto in March, which ultimately led to the Old Lady being eliminated from the Champions League.

Despite being chosen to put his body on the line, Ronaldo turned his back and contributed to the wall breaking apart as Oliveira's long-range strike wiggled its way past Wojciech Szczesny.

And Juventus' clash with Parma on Wednesday night suggested that Ronaldo's poor free-kick defending in the Champions League was by no means an anomaly.


Lightning strikes twice vs Parma

That's because footage of Gastón Brugman scoring an unlikely opener at the Allianz Stadium from a free-kick didn't exactly reflect positively on Ronaldo who was once again defending in the wall.

In fact, the ball essentially flew over Ronaldo's head as he was the only Juventus player not to jump, instead turning his back and making a funny gesture with his leg. Check it out down below:

Oh dear, Cristiano, didn't you learn your lesson?

Inadvertently helping Parma to score

Don't get me wrong, I'm hardly in a position to be righteous about standing up to a professional footballer walloping a free-kick, but it's clear that Ronaldo let the rest of the wall down here.

Sure, it's impossible to say whether Ronaldo would have been able to prevent Parma from scoring, but you'd forgive Juventus fans for at least wanting him to try his absolute best just to be certain.


Besides, the trajectory of Brugman's strike essentially went directly above Ronaldo's head, making his decision to keep one foot in the turf and merely lift his right boot all the more gutting.

If only Ronaldo had a well-known talent for jumping extraordinarily high on a football pitch, huh?

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