John Henry's worst moments at Liverpool after European Super League saga


John W Henry and FSG's relationship with Liverpool fans has hit rock bottom. 

The American released a statement on Wednesday morning pleading for forgiveness for dragging the club through the mud via the now-collapsed European Super League. 

His apologies aren't going to placate seething Kopites, though. 

Graeme Souness warned in the Sky Sports studio that Henry and his board "can't go to the games anymore. If they do - good luck. 

"Certainly in Liverpool, I can talk with some authority there, I think it's impossible for those guys to turn up at Anfield ever again."

Fans of all six breakaway Premier League clubs have launched protests this week, but the feeling is particularly strong on Merseyside. Henry's vision is incongruous with Liverpool's values and Gary Neville took aim by mocking the use of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' in the light of such brazen greed. 

Various fan groups have demanded FSG sell up, with the European Super League - of which Liverpool and Manchester United were the two English clubs at the forefront - bringing about a new low in Henry's popularity. 

That said, the billionaire has long been a divisive figure. 

A Twitter thread entitled "Fenway Sports Group and John Henry, get out of our club" reads like a full charge sheet and if you think the move to tear up the English game was some erratic, ill-advised one-off, think again. 

You can see the full thread below: 

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It's a damning list of offences. 

Fortunately, if there's one group of fans who can resist that kind of treatment, it's Liverpool's. 

Having successfully prevented FSG's ticket price hike with their walkout at Anfield, that same spirit has now been instrumental in resisting the Super League. 

There is still more work to be done, however, with some fan groups suggesting the German model of supporter-backed ownership. 

Apart from being a PR disaster for the club, Henry will be well aware that his own standing among fans is at an all-time low after this week's chaos. 

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