European Super League: Daniel Levy could depart Spurs after ESL collapse

  • Tom Kelly
Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy could depart the club if ENIC decide to sell

The fallout from the failed European Super League could result in significant change at Tottenham Hotspur.

What's the latest news?

It was previously reported that Spurs owner Joe Lewis is actively trying to sell the club and that a 50% buyer was identified at the end of last year. 

However, a deal never materialised and the investor decided to pull out because chairman Levy didn't want to lose control.

But Football Insider has reported that the catastrophic attempt to launch the ESL will place more pressure on Lewis to sell up, while Levy's position as chairman is under serious threat as well.

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Why will Lewis be under pressure to sell?

None of the clubs involved in the failed European Super League breakaway have come out of it well and Football Insider claims there will now be intense pressure from fans for ENIC - Lewis' holding company for Spurs - to sell the club. 

The ESL scandal has made it clear Spurs were prepared to act against the best interests of the game, their contractual obligations to the Premier League and the wishes of the average fan, and it still remains to be seen what fate awaits the clubs and key figures involved.

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They certainly aren't popular figures in the football world.

At the tail end of 2020, an investor put an £800m offer on the table for a 50% share of the north London club. If a deal becomes available once again, Lewis may well feel forced to accept. 

The previous takeover talks broke down because Levy, who runs the club for Lewis, didn't want to lose his final say on decisions. However, the Spurs chairman's future is now in doubt too.

How secure is Levy's job at the moment?

Following the ESL controversy, Levy's reputation has taken a hit and he could soon face the very real possibility of having to fall on his sword at Spurs.

Ed Woodward has effectively lost his job at United as a consequence of the European Super League collapsing and it wouldn't be a surprise to see his counterparts at other clubs, like Levy, suffer a similar fate to help the owners save some face. 

Additionally, Levy was a major reason behind the takeover bid falling through. Lewis might well decide he needs to be removed from the equation to get a deal done this time around.

Are Spurs an attractive investment?

Although performances on the pitch have been far from desirable this season with Spurs in seventh place, Tottenham remain a fantastic investment opportunity. 

According to Forbes, Tottenham are the tenth most valuable club in the world and have continuously made profits across the years. 

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As a result of the pandemic, Spurs announced a loss of £63.9m but this is their first loss since 2012. 

They are also situated in London, have a completely modernised stadium and even boast a deal with the NFL, which highlights the power of their brand.

Although an investor walked away from negotiations at the tail end of last year, it surely won't be long until another figure with deep pockets will enquire about the north London club. 

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