Apex Legends Season 9: What is the Release Date for the Legacy Event

Apex Legends

Gaming fans of Battle Royale game Apex Legends will be excitedly awaiting the new season of the game- Season 9 (also called ‘Apex Legends- Legacy’).

The fact that they have already managed this many seasons highlights that the structure and changes they have done to keep the game updated is going down very well with fans of the game.

Season 8 has been going on for sometime now and although the game will not lose its fans, many probably feel like it is about time for a new season to come in and freshen up the game like it typically does with new characters, possible new weapons and map changes.

Similar to fellow Battle Royale games Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone, these constant updates and new seasons keep the game fresh and causes them to increase in popularity.

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Along with a host of new additions, the new season could bring about more links to another game made by developers Respawn Entertainment- Titanfall. We have seen links in the past to the Titanfall universe and it wouldn’t be a shock to see new links come about when ‘Apex Legends- Legacy’ is released.

What is the Release Date for Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy?

Typically a new season is released soon after the countdown of the season’s prior finishes. Therefore the release date for the Legacy Event is only around the corner. It is coming out on May 4th unless Apex has to push it back for any delays.

With only a couple of weeks left until Season 8 finishes, Apex fans will be hoping to see sneak peaks of the new season in the build up.

Many who enjoy the current map, Olympus, will be hoping that there are some changes to keep it fresh.

It is a particularly important season for Apex Legends, as Call of Duty: Warzone is going through massive changes in their new season and so Apex needs Season 9 to be a good one in order to keep their fan base and beat off competition.

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