The 10 most iconic Resident Evil bosses have been ranked

The best Resident Evil bosses of all-time have been ranked

Resident Evil has been a gaming franchise known across the globe since 1996 and is Capcom’s best ever franchise.

The excitement is building for fans of the popular horror video game which follows people trying to survive outbreaks of zombies and other monsters created mainly by the pharmaceutical company Umbrella Corporation.

This is due to the fact that a new game is being released on May 7th 2021- Resident Evil Village. It is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7 and you play as Ethan Winters.

Throughout these games, players come across both normal Zombies as well as bosses. There have been some truly memorable bosses who have been amazing to fight against but there have also been some that fans have not enjoyed.

Here are ten of the most iconic bosses in Resident Evil ranked.

Ranking the Top 10 Resident Evil bosses

10: The Tyrant Model T-002 (Resident Evil 1)

Starting off the top ten is one of the first bosses to be a part of the franchise. This was an early version of the Tyrant created by the Umbrella Corporation as they wanted to build the perfect lifeform.

It is the final boss in the game and could kill you in three hits. It took a lot of firepower to break down and also brought some fear to players of the game as you could see its heart beating out of its chest.

9: Marguerite Baker

Marguerite Baker is a boss in Resident Evil 7 and she is quite unique to the game as she commands an army of insects to try and stop main character Ethan Winters. The first encounter with Baker is in particular a frightening one as she traps you in a hole and swarms you with pests.

You face her multiple times in the game as well as in the final showdown, which is a tense affair in the dark.

8: Del Lago

The first boss you face in Resident Evil 4 is Del Lago, and this creature is one that might bring more terror to fans as you face it whilst motorboating in a lake. What makes this boss even harder to fight is the fact that you cannot fight this beast with guns but only harpoons which you have to time perfectly.

Del Lago submerges under the water and chases you at points and this whole fight brought about a completely new type of fight to the Resident Evil franchise.

7. El Gigante

El Gigante is a sheer brute of a boss who towers high above you in Resident Evil 4. He can easily defeat you by squashing or swallowing you. Therefore you have to be constantly moving and on your toes. This showdown of man vs beast is made even better if you saved a dog earlier in the game, as you can use it to help fight El Gigante.
6: Uroboros Test Subject

Resident Evil 5 welcomes a great fight against a boss which also shows how cooperative gameplay can bring something unique to the franchise.

What really makes this encounter a standout is the environmental interaction. You’ll need to work as a team to trap the shapeless creature in a furnace, with one player acting as bait inside the forge and the other carefully controlling the doors. Just try not to lock your teammate inside.

5: Eveline

The story behind the boss from Resident Evil 7 is fascinating as she was artificially created by mad scientists and given enhanced mental abilities. It unfortunately drove her mad and caused her to age rapidly. After escaping from her handlers, Eveline took control of the Baker family and made them kidnap people to form her own twisted little family.

The final showdown produces a lot of great cinematic horror and this is what put it in the top ten over the gameplay of the fight.

Resident Evil

4: William Birkin

You soon realise that Dr. William Birkin could be a tough boss to face in Resident Evil 2 as he reluctantly injects himself with the G-virus to pull through injuries received during a standoff with Alpha Team over the virus itself.

He ultimately survives in the short term, but at a terrible cost. You’ll fight Dr. Birkin or G many times during Resident Evil 2 remake and each time he’s more monstrous and less in control than the last.

3: Lisa Trevor

Lisa Trevor is another unique character due to her very tragic backstory. Her abduction, transformation, and abuse was a new addition to the 2002 remake of Resident Evil, as were her terrifying boss fights.

When you first encounter her, you have one of the most extremely intense fights in the franchise, and you battle in a tight space in a cabin and due to the way it is filmed it feels like you don’t have real control.

You don’t even kill Lisa Trevor, but manage to defeat her as you reveal her mother’s coffin. This drives her over the edge and Lisa throws herself off a cliff upon seeing her mother’s corpse.

2: T-103 Tyrant

The Resident Evil 2 remake from 2019 brings about the boss T-103 Tyrant. You do have a great final showdown with one of the Umbrella Corporations abominations. What makes this boss so great is the fact that following your first encounter early on, the Tyrant will continue to follow you throughout the whole game and you can’t kill him. Meanwhile the game continues. You fight other zombies and progress through the game as the 7-foot beast is on your tail and able to kill you.

1: Nemesis

Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis is one of the scariest enemies in the franchise. This is due to the fact that it isn’t meant to be defeated. The somewhat invincible model of Tyrant could appear at any time during the game, insisting you fight or flee at the drop of a hat.

Nemesis made Resident Evil 3, and encounters occurred at set times throughout. Nemesis’ persistence was key to making the final boss fight, where you finally manage to defeat him, one of the most cathartic in the entire franchise.

There is huge excitement building around the latest edition of the franchise, and only time will tell whether it is worth the wait and how it ranks compared to others down the years.

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