Premier League shirts: Can you name these 20 iconic shirt sponsors?


The Premier League has been graced by some truly iconic kits over the years.

From Liverpool to Coventry City, Manchester United to Sunderland, England's biggest clubs have poured a lot of time, resources and cold hard cash into their kits and, more often than not, it has paid off.

The likes of Adidas and Nike have given us some truly memorable shirts, especially in recent years, while the nostalgia of the Le Coq Sportif era will live long in the memory.

From stripes to hoops, lace up collars to skin-tight tops, the Premier League has seen it all over the last few decades.

However, while the kit itself may be a thing of true beauty, it is only ever as good as the massive corporate logo recklessly whacked on the front of it by the club sponsor.

Sometimes, that logo can actually compliment the kit quite nicely but other times it can turn a potentially attractive strip into a bit of a minger.

On occasion, for both good and bad reasons, the shirt sponsor has been become even more iconic than the shirt itself.

So, with that in mind, we thought we would see just how much of a Premier League aficionado you actually are, by testing your memory and knowledge of the shirt sponsor world.

Some of these should spring to mind in but a moment, others may take a bit of chewing. Make sure your mates know that there were no lucky guesses involved either.

Good luck! 

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Can you name the shirt sponsor on these iconic Premier League kits?

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