Anfield, Old Trafford, Emirates: Premier League stadiums ranked by TripAdvisor reviews

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Stadiums are the beating heart of the Premier League.

England’s top-flight just hasn’t been the same with the great stands of Old Trafford, Anfield, Elland Road and countless other stadiums starved of the fans that make them a cauldron of atmosphere.

Frankly, we can’t wait until the day when it’s safe for Premier League grounds to be chock-a-block with fans screaming their lungs out from behind a Chicken Balti pie and Bovril.

Premier League away days

However, there’s no getting away from the fact that some stadiums are better than others and that can come down to everything from atmosphere, food, views, comfort and transport links.

We’ve all had an ‘away day’ that’s been ruined by a stone-cold burger or infuriatingly-positioned pillar as much as we’ve had one bettered by incredible chanting and brilliant pubs close by.

And to try and get a gauge of which Premier League stadiums are the most and least adored, we’ve turned to TripAdvisor, which is one of the world’s biggest aggregators of reviews for tourism sites.


Premier League stadiums on TripAdvisor

It’s not a perfect system by any means with some reviews referencing gigs and tours, but each stadium has at least 100 reviews on which to formulate a ranking of Premier League grounds.

First and foremost, we’re ranking them by their awarded star out of five and then the percentage of reviews deemed ‘excellent’, followed by the percentage of ‘terrible’ reviews if we need a tie-breaker.

So, without further ado, check out what you, the people and fans, consider to be the best and worst stadiums in the Premier League down below:


20. Turf Moor – 4.0* (34% excellent, 4.3% terrible)

Positive review: “Lovely stadium, lovely staff, easy access for the disabled, pricing could be a little cheaper. But overall a nice place.”

Negative review: “Like a cattle shed for away fans, and the toilets were shocking. Absolutely nowhere near enough space, a disgrace and embarrassment to a proud town.”

19. Selhurst Park – 4.0* (43.2% excellent, 6.0% terrible)

Positive review: “I was told by a few friends who live locally that Crystal Palace games have an amazing atmosphere. They weren’t wrong. Thrilling experience watching football here.”

Negative review: “This ground is a disgrace. The view was awful and the seats uncomfortable and even the toilet facilities were substandard for a Premier League club.”


18. The Hawthorns – 4.0* (53.5* excellent, 3.0% terrible)

Positive review: “Excellent kid-friendly stadium, easy to access by train or car. Parking close by and train station just a few hundred yards away.

Negative review: “I would not recommend here for love nor money. They do not know the meaning of the word ‘Hospitality’. I even cancelled my wedding here.”

17. London Stadium – 4.0* (57.2% excellent, 4.5% terrible)

Positive review: “The atmosphere and overall fan experience was fantastic. Access to the stadium was an efficient 5 to 10 minute walk from a nearby tube station. Highly recommended.”

Negative review: “Is this the worst football ground in the world? I genuinely feel sorry for their fans being stuck in this soulless excuse for a stadium. Absolutely no atmosphere, overpriced tickets and full of day-trippers. Stay away!”


16. Elland Road – 4.0* (57.5% excellent, 3.7% terrible)

Positive review: “Probably the best atmosphere you’ll find in England. Great fan base and great football. Ample places to eat and drink on the grounds.”

Negative review: “This used to be my favourite place in the city but this latest terrible owner has turned it into a tinpot venue.”

15. St. Mary’s Stadium – 4.5* (56.7% excellent, 2.0% terrible)

Positive review: “Quite satisfied with the design and the view. Comfortable seats, well-trained and polite stewards and fast and easy movement of supporters. Lovely atmosphere.”

Negative review: “Save yourself undue stress and take your own food. Joined one of the shortest lines, approx 20 people in front. We were still waiting to be served 5 minutes after kick off.”


14. Amex Stadium – 4.5* (59.7% excellent, 4.1% terrible)

Positive review: “Brilliant ground, particularly for families. Nice and open, easy to get to, feels safe to bring kids and great facilities. Good view from everywhere in the stands. Match day is always fun.”

Negative review: “Getting to Amex stadium by car is atrocious. The roads surrounding it just aren’t cut out for match days.”

13. Molineux – 4.5* (61.7% excellent, 2.1% terrible)

Positive review: “This is a nice football stadium with good facilities. The staffs were friendly and welcoming. It’s nice to see Wolves in Premier League and doing well.”

Negative review: “This place shouldn’t even be open. Disgustingly custard coloured.”


12. King Power Stadium – 4.5* (62.5% excellent, 1.4% terrible)

Positive review: “Great stadium, great atmosphere and top team. Sausage rolls with cheddar cheese are bang on.”

Negative review: “Definitely not a family stand! All around us were grown blokes shouting and swearing all game. Not a place for an 11 year old.”

11. Bramall Lane – 4.5* (62.6% excellent, 6.4% terrible)

Positive review: “Great Stadium. Great fans. Great Teams. Good atmosphere, very loud home fans. Good seating and legroom.”

Negative review: “Some of the quietest home fans I’ve heard in a football stadium. They make Arsenal’s fans seem deafening. Poor atmosphere.”


10. Stamford Bridge – 4.5* (62.7% excellent, 1.0% terrible)

Positive review: “Even as you walk to the stadium, you get the feeling of how the Saturday game in the London neighborhood used to be. And still is. A family matter. Visit Stamford Bridge for a game. An experience.”

Negative review: “It used to be big and open, with huge terraces. Nowadays it is four different stands with very different accommodation. The two stands behind the goals have very cramped seating.”

9. Emirates Stadium – 4.5* (67.5% excellent, 1.4% terrible)

Positive review: “What a fantastic place to watch football. Great seating and facilities. Not the cheapest place but hey. Can’t wait to go back.”

Negative review: “Horrible stadium, no atmosphere for away support, the pubs around the ground don’t welcome away supporters either, unfriendly club/fans/ stewards, their pies are terrible as well.”


8. Craven Cottage – 4.5* (69.0% excellent, 1.6% terrible)

Positive review: “I love this stadium as it has such a homely feel and great atmosphere. I love that it has retained its character over the years.”

Negative review: “Stewarding is poor and amenities are primitive. The game itself was good but the stadium is overpriced and not value for money.”

7. St. James’ Park – 4.5* (73.7% excellent, 2.9% terrible)

Positive review: “It is awesome and has been for many years. The toon is a great place on match day there is nowhere like it anywhere.”

Negative review: “What has Mike Ashley done to this stadium? Shameful the state of toilets, block work is rotten black and windows unwashed.”


6. Etihad Stadium – 4.5* (74.7% excellent, 2.6% terrible)

Positive review: “Great atmosphere, great ground, very entertaining and well organised with good transport links.”

Negative review: “Location awful, with parking really poor. Stadium facilities nothing to write home about and as far as atmosphere goes, shocking, will not be visiting again!”

5. Old Trafford – 4.5* (76.6% excellent, 2.0% terrible)

Positive review: “Wonderful amenities considering so many people there. Staff were very, very friendly and helpful. We would definitely go again.”

Negative review: “The facilities are not in keeping with a huge stadium which certainly knows how to charge for tickets.”


4. Goodison Park – 4.5* (76.6% excellent, 1.7% terrible)

Positive review: “I still find this stadium to be totally impressive. People argue that it’s an old and tired stadium but I think it’s full of character.”

Negative review: “I can only comment on the away section. Terrible view. Pillars can block both goals. Catering is slow and poor. Silent home fans even when they are winning.”

3. Anfield – 4.5* (80.6% excellent, 1.4% terrible)

Positive review: “Anfield is a must-visit for ALL Liverpool fans. There is something about the stadium that gives you goosebumps. You wont get this in any other grounds.”

Negative review: “As anyone whose above 5 feet tall will tell you. Paying for a pricey ticket then having to spend the next 2 hours squashed and fighting with the fellas next to you for space is not acceptable. I once got cramp at the game due to the terrible seats.”


2. Villa Park – 4.5* (81.6% excellent, 2.5% terrible)

Positive review: “This is an awesome and iconic stadium. Definitely a must-see on a visit to the West Midlands.”

Negative review: “The facilities themselves are very dated and cramped in the concourse area. Also for an allegedly ‘big club’ there is little to no atmosphere in the ground.”

1. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – 4.5* (86.5% excellent, 2.4% terrible)

Positive review: “The stadium is stunning, the sound is amazing, the facilities are fantastic. Great views all round, great facilities, possibly the greatest stadium in the world.”

Negative review: “I was disappointed, The seats are terrible it feels like you are sitting on each others laps. You think spurs would have given you a decent seat, Like other new stadiums.”


Anfield loses its crown

We have a new winner, ladies and gentlemen.

When we last ranked the stadiums by TripAdvisor reviews in 2019, it was actually Anfield who took the top prize, but now both Villa Park and the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium have surpassed it.

As far as Spurs’ stadium is concerned, that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise because the fact it only opened at the backend of the 2018/19 campaign underlined its gorgeous modernity.


However, it’s good to see that football fans are still enjoying the charm of a good, old-fashioned ground with Goodison Park and Craven Cottage being lauded for their character and uniqueness.

In the end, though, it must have been those fancy pint glasses at Spurs that gave them the win.

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