Lampard, Beckham, Rooney: The Premier League XI with the most assists

  • Kobe Tong

The Premier League is littered with some of the world’s most creative footballers.

You needn’t look any further than Kevin De Bruyne, who has arguably become the world’s best midfielder at Manchester City, to see the top-level quality floating around in England’s top-flight.

It’s nothing new, either, with magical creators such as David Silva, Xabi Alonso and Eden Hazard all having plied their trade in the Premier League.

Premier League creators

And it’s no secret that the most valuable currency for playmakers and top-end midfielders are assists, which has done nothing but skyrocket in provenance over the last few years.

As such, that gave us an idea, because although midfielders are keenest to hoover up assists, it goes without saying that defenders, strikers and even goalkeepers want them on their stats sheet.

And using the official data compiled by the Premier League, we’ve been able to unveil the XI that has produced the most assists in the competition’s history.


Premier League XI with most assists

Sure, there are some obvious playmaking masters on the teamsheets, but with goalkeepers and centre-backs to contend with too, we know you’re intrigued, so check out the full line-up below:

GK: Paul Robinson – 5

Sneaking ahead of Pepe Reina and David Seaman by a single assist, it feels apt that one of only five goalkeepers to ever score in the Premier League has also created the most goals.


RB: Antonio Valencia – 46

Sure, Valencia played in midfield during the early stages of his career in English football, but we saw enough of him at right-back during his time at Old Trafford to not feel bad about picking him here.

CB: Cesar Azpilicueta – 32

Another cheeky pick, perhaps, but trust me that assist-giving centre-backs don’t come about very often, so we’re selecting a Chelsea icon who had a particularly good connection with Alvaro Morata.


CB: Mikael Silvestre – 19

Yeh… like we were saying, there’s not too much to choose from at the centre-back position, though Silvestre clearly had an unsung eye for creativity with Manchester United and Arsenal.

LB: Leighton Baines – 53

Ashley Young technically has 16 more assists to his name, but the former Aston Villa and United man played as a winger for most of his Premier League career, so we’re giving Baines the nod.


RM: David Beckham – 80

There’s an argument to be had that James Milner (85) should be taking this slot, but when it comes to out-and-out widemen, you can’t look any further than Beckham’s majestic crossing and free-kicks.

CM: Cesc Fabregas – 111

With the second-most assists in Premier League history, one can’t help feeling that Fabregas deserves more credit for his stunning array of passes with Arsenal and Chelsea.


CM: Frank Lampard – 102

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, there’s no Paul Scholes and Steven Gerrard in sight because it’s Mr. Chelsea who comes closest to Fabregas for assists from central Premier League midfielders.

LM: Ryan Giggs – 162

The easiest selection on the pitch because as well as being the most decorated player in Premier League history, the United legend also holds the record for the greatest number of assists.


ST: Wayne Rooney – 103

It’s about time people put more respect on Rooney’s name because United and England’s all-time record goalscorer also happens to be the most creative strike the Premier League has ever seen.

ST – Dennis Bergkamp – 94

Is playing Bergkamp as a number nine a little much? Perhaps, so if that’s your bag then pretend we’ve picked Teddy Sheringham, but we just couldn’t resist rewarding this Arsenal icon’s brilliance.


Assists, assists everywhere

Who would have known that Robinson and Silvestre are the De Bruyne’s of their position?

It’s crazy to think that the line-up has amassed hundreds upon hundreds of assists in a competition notorious for seeing so-called lesser teams keeping world-class outfits at bay.

However, even if you ignored the premise of assists, I’m inclined to think this would still make for an incredible Premier League XI if they were all playing together in their prime.

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After all, the stats prove that lining up against Lampard, Rooney, Fabregas, Giggs and Beckham to name just a few will make your defence about as leak-resistant as a colander.

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