Conor McGregor lookalike jailed after selling drugs under UFC star's name


Mark Nye, a 34 year old drug dealer and Conor McGregor impersonator has been jailed for three years.

Nye had been using McGregor’s name on business cards to help advertise his drug dealing enterprise. 

Nye was pulled over by the police in Stanwell, back in February.

Per a report in The Sun, He was subsequently arrested after attempting to dispose of the class A contraband and mobile phones on his person. When asked for his name, Nye replied with ‘Conor’.

Hundreds of the aforementioned business cards were found on Nye at the time of his arrest. They had ‘McGregor Enterprise’ emblazoned on the front and ‘Best drops in Surrey’ on the back.

In addition, officers also found a cleaver and a huge helping of boric acid, a dangerous chemical used by dealers as a cutting agent.


A police analysis of Nye’s phones revealed near endless comms regarding his drug dealing antics.

The dealer’s mug shot revealed him sporting a similarly styled beard to the one McGregor has been known to sport over the years.

While the real Conor McGregor has never been looking at years of hard time for his antics, he has had several brushes with the law. In 2018, McGregor infamously launched a trolly-assisted assault on a bus arch enemy Khabib Nurmagomedov was in in New York.

As punishment for this indiscretion,McGregor was ordered to attend anger management sessions along with a sentence of five days of community service.


There was also an infamous 2019 incident concerning McGregor in a Dublin pub. Whilst promoting his Proper Twelve whiskey, Mystic Mac got into an altercation with an old man who he proceeded to punch.

McGregor ultimately plead guilty and received a fine of £860. In an outrageous display of both wealth and pettiness, McGregor recently bought the pub and has already barred this particular rival from entering.

McGregor is set to return to the Octagon in July where he will face Dustin Poirier for the third time. 

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