UFC 261: Jorge Masvidal was laughing at Kamaru Usman seconds before brutal KO

  • Alex Batt

Wake up, Jorge Masvidal, it’s all over!

Kamaru Usman has demolished his opponent at UFC 261 thanks to a brutal second-round knockout, but it was Masvidal’s antics just seconds before that has got everyone talking.

With the fight heating up nicely, and the first round showing a glimpse of what’s to come, it all went up a notch in the second, as Usman sensed his opportunity.

He sensed it, and then boy did he take it, and it was probably his opponent laughing at him that triggered him in the first place.

Just seconds before the brutal knockout occurred, Masvidal could be seen laughing in the face of the welterweight champion. He was probably doing this as he felt he had already taken the best Usman had to offer in the round prior. Boy, oh boy he was wrong!

Note to all other UFC fighters, laughing and mocking Usman is NOT a good idea.

A brief exchange later, and Masvidal was on his back and was completely sparked out.


One clean punch took him off his feet and then some more just for good measure were landed when he was on his back.

Luckily for him, Herb Dean was close enough to intervene before it got really messy for those watching in attendance and the millions around the world.

If you are Masvidal, you’ve certainly learnt your lesson, and he did pay respect to Usman in his post-fight interview, to be fair, claiming he never knew he had that much power in his punches.

If he didn’t know there was that much power behind a Nigerian Nightmare punch, he sure does now.

What an ending. What a fight. What a champion Kamaru Usman is!

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