Jose Mourinho next club: Celtic, Wolves and Newcastle all tipped for sacked Tottenham boss

  • Kobe Tong

Jose Mourinho has seen his managerial career splutter and stumble over the last six years.

The once omnipotent ‘Special One’ at the heart of legendary FC Porto, Chelsea and Inter Milan squads now appears to be sliding down rankings of the world’s best managers at a rapid pace.

Over the last six years alone, Mourinho has been jettisoned from three high-profile Premier League jobs that all crashed and burned in various shades of terrible results and squad discontent.

Sacked by Tottenham

And on the back of his dismissal from Tottenham Hotspur, there’s good reason to think that hiring Mourinho has been the least attractive proposition it’s ever been, particularly with his lofty wages.

As a result, it remains to be seen who will roll the dice on Mourinho next and whether the 58-year-old will be forced to take a step down from the world-class clubs that have often called his name.

Besides, while Tottenham are by no means a small club, you could easily argue that it wouldn’t have been a job that Mourinho would have taken during his Inter and Real Madrid heyday.

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Where next for Mourinho?

But alas, with Mourinho’s stock now beneath the wheels of the bus he so often parks, he might have to take even more of a step down when you look at the clubs that might tap him up next.

That’s because the SkyBet odds on Mourinho’s next club after his Tottenham sacking are arguably the clearest indication yet of how much damage the last half-decade has done to his reputation.

Yes, there are still some big clubs being considered his next most likely employment, but those world-class institutions are alloyed with mid-table sides and teams outside of Europe’s big five.


Mourinho’s most likely next clubs

That’s not a whopping indictment of them, by the way, but rather an indication that Mourinho won’t have the luxury of choice that he once enjoyed. So, check out the 16 leading contenders below:

16. AS Monaco – 20/1

15. England – 20/1

14. AC Milan – 20/1

13. Paris Saint-Germain – 18/1

12. Crystal Palace – 18/1

11. Atletico Madrid – 18/1

10. Valencia – 14/1

9. Napoli – 14/1

8. Any MLS club – 14/1

7. Bayern Munich – 12/1

6. Newcastle United – 10/1

5. FC Porto – 9/1

4. Celtic – 8/1

3. Portugal – 7/1

2. Juventus – 7/1

1. Wolverhampton Wanderers – 8/1


How far Mourinho has fallen

How times change. Can you imagine Mourinho succeeding Roy Hodgson at Selhurst Park?!

There couldn’t be a clearer demonstration of how far Mourinho has fallen than the fact Newcastle, Wolves or Houston Dynamo moves are considered more likely than PSG or Atletico. Madness.

For the record, a procession of top European clubs did place further down, but I think we can all agree that moves to Liverpool or Manchester City, as well as a Real return, are incredibly unlikely.


As such, Mourinho will have to keep his fingers crossed for either leap-frogging Julian Nagelsmann in the hunt for the Bayern job or succeeding Andrea Pirlo if he’s given the chop by Juventus.

Otherwise, we might witness the most unexpected step down in Mourinho’s career yet, but in his defence, it’s not all that bad when the place from which he’s falling is amongst the best in the world.

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