John Cena praises Roman Reigns - he's 'redefined himself' with no WWE audience

WWE icon Cena praises Reigns for his work in the no-fan era

Roman Reigns is the biggest star in WWE right now.

At WrestleMania 37, he secured a dominant victory over Edge and Daniel Bryan, stacking his two opponents on top of one another to pin them both and walk out with the Universal Championship. 

Since ‘The Tribal Chief’ won the strap at Payback last year, no one has come close to dethroning him and there is little doubt over who rules the roost in WWE. 

Reigns has taken acclaim from fans, fellow stars and even legends about his work during the ‘no-fan era’ and recently, John Cena has also shared some big praise for the Universal champ. 

The 16-time world champion has been impressed with how Roman has performed with no live audience to feed off and even admitted he would struggle in that situation.

“I’m very, very impressed with Roman [Reigns] among other people on the WWE roster with how great they’ve become,” Cena told Bleacher Report.

“I honestly think it may be because there’s no live audience. This would be the toughest obstacle for me to overcome, but I really think it’s brought the best out in people. 

Reigns has dominated in WWE without a crowd to support him

“They’ve had to redefine themselves and they can’t feed off the energy of the audience on their performance. It’s just them out there.” 

Cena also explained how difficult it is for WWE Superstars to work without a crowd inside The ThunderDome, but praised those who can now ‘be in the product’.

“Sometimes performers can go out there and falsely hear the noise. They hear a few people cheer and think it’s fantastic. Now, they have to be in the product. 

Reigns is now 'in the product' according to Cena

“They have to see their results and can’t use that as a blindfold. It’s actually brought the best out in people.

“I can’t wait for people to return to arenas, but I think this spell has been good for a lot of the performers because they have to overcome that obstacle of finding out who they really are and that alone takes the performers to their success or failure.” 

Cena isn’t the only person who has praised Roman Reigns for his recent work in WWE. ‘The Tribal Chief’ is on the run of his life right now and plenty of legends are acknowledging him.

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