Apex Legends Mobile: When Is The Beta?

Apex Legends Mobile

Battle Royale game Apex Legends has been hugely successful since its release in 2019 with gaming fans on all consoles.

To build on their demand, they are now making Apex Legends Mobile, a game available for players on the move and this will bring around a whole new generation of gamers.

Similar to Apex Legends, the mobile game Apex Legends Mobile is going to be free to download and play. The only purchases are in-game and they will not give any players that decide to buy things of the store an advantage as it will only feature cosmetic changes.

With constant updates and changes to the map, as well as new seasons which bring new characters to play with, the game is not losing its popularity.

It competes with other battle royale games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone and this should please developers Respawn Entertainment massively.

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When is the Beta for Apex Legends Mobile?

With the game only recently being confirmed to be in development on April 20th 2021, there is a lot to do before the full game comes out.

Part of this will be testing the game and this will involve the Beta being available for a small section of gamers.

As it was only recently confirmed that Apex Legends Mobile is officially being released, there is currently no official date for the Beta. However many believe that it will come out sometime over the next month.

It will be interesting to see how the game works when this Beta is released and if there are any big issues, but if there is not, it is sure to excite players who manage to get the beta.

With the success of Apex Legends, it is easy to see why many are excited about the Mobile game being released, especially when Respawn are hinting that the game will be an entirely new version of the game but sticking true to the original.

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