Pokemon Go: Latest News and Updates, Events, Promo Codes And Everything You Need To Know

Pokemon Go remains as one of the biggest and highest-grossing mobile games on the market today.

The free world augmented reality (AR) mobile game is a collaboration between gaming giants Niantic and Nintendo that operates via GPS to locate and capture new species, as well as the ability to train and battle with friends and foes.

The game initially launched in 2016, like the original series in Japan, 150 virtual creatures were available to capture. In 2021, there are 932 to collect but not all of them are currently in the game.

Trainers can find gyms and raids at real-life points of significance such as tourist attractions, places of worship and more. On top of this, there are only certain places in the world where specific Pokemon can be caught, encouraging the gaming community to trade with others to complete their Pokedex.

The game has dramatically changed since its release, with new features such as trainer battle and the ability to take down Team Rocket like in the Game Boy games and Anime series. There is also a Bluetooth device called Pokemon Go Plus that will allow players to perform certain actions in the game without looking at their smartphone.

Metacritic scored the game at 69/100 on iOS and a User Score of 5.5 - based on program and technical glitches that have somewhat hampered players from making progress in the game during those five years.

Information is constantly refreshing regarding Pokemon Go and we will update you as soon as new details become available.

Here is everything you need to know about Pokemon Go.

Latest News and Updates

23rd June: Many have been left scratching their heads regarding to how to evolve Magneton. Well, fear not, trainers.

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18th June: Players are being warned not to download the latest version of Pokémon GO onto their mobile devices.

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4th June: There has been plenty of discussion around what Pokemon will hatch from eggs during the GO Fest 2021 event. While Niantic are keeping their cards close to their chest for the time being, they have unveiled a handful of species that will be hatching.

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27th May: Niantic have announced the highly-anticipated return of Pokemon Go Fest for 2021!

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21st May: With June on the horizon, it means that another Community Day is on the horizon with a rare Pokemon set to be featured.

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14th May: Luminous Legends Y event is almost here and there are plenty of new features coming to Pokemon Go, including a new Legendary Pokemon from Kalos.

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5th May: Marill will be getting its own exclusive limited research event which will be available for a short period, but players will have to wait a few more days yet.

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4th May: Luminous Legends X event has officially got underway as of today. Also, it has been revealed that Marill will be featured as part of Pokemon Go's limited research - with Fairy-type Pokemon appearing more than ever during this event.

27th April: The Luminous Legends X event is almost here! Niantic announced that legendary Pokemon Xerneas will be making its debut in the game, along with an array of timed and event-exclusive research, Pokemon to hatch and capture as well as new items. 

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26th April: Team GO Rocket will be making a return to Pokemon Go after Niantic have addressed issues regarding the “extended absence” of the troublesome team.

To make up for this, they announced that Giovanni will be on the loose and armed with a special legendary shadow Pokemon to capture. Read more about it here.


27th May: Niantic have announced the highly-anticipated return of Pokemon Go Fest for 2021!

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21st May: Another month on the horizon can only mean one thing in Pokemon Go, another Community Day!

Gible, the Land Shark Pokemon, will be in the spotlight this month as it will be appearing a lot more frequently in the wild during the Community Day hours.

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29th April: May Community Day is well on the way. While there is yet to be an official announcement from Niantic regarding the contents of the fifth month of the year. Players online have leaked what appears to be game coding for Community Day itself.

PokeMiners revealed all on Twitter regarding which Pokémon will be featured in this month's addition to the game - including timed research and other interesting details.

An error occurred while retrieving the Tweet, it might have been deleted.

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Promo Codes

There are currently two ways in which players can redeem promo codes. At this time, iOS trainers are unable to do so in the app itself, whereas Android users can.

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Here are the following steps:


Visit the promo section of the Niantic website
Login and enter your offer code

Once this is completed, you will receive a notification in-game displaying the items that have been added to your inventory.


In the map view, tap the main menu button and head to the shop. At the bottom of the screen, there will be a text field to input any codes. Once redeemed, a notification will appear to confirm the items that have been added to your bag.

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