Kamaru Usman made Jorge Masvidal eat his words at UFC 261


Did someone order a slice of humble pie?

UFC fans around the world were left shocked and in awe after the main event of UFC 261 after ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ Kamaru Usman delivered a venomous shot that left the holder of UFC’s ‘Baddest Motherf*****’ title out cold.

Although he wasn’t the favourite going into the fight, Jorge Masvidal certainly had UFC fans convinced he was leaving the Octagon with the welterweight title. After all, he is the owner of the quickest KO in UFC history.

After being dismantled by Usman, Masvidal was noticeably humble in defeat, telling Joe Rogan that he had gone into the fight overly confident.

This is something that has been brought to light by one Twitter user who has posted a short clip from a promo for the fight, and by god does it make Masvidal look quite silly now.

In the clip, Masvidal is talking about Usman and his striking power in particular.

“He hits… Not hard at all. He’s one of the softest hitters I’ve ever been in front of. God damn blessing with that man, is you know he couldn’t hurt another man with his fists, and it must suck to live that life.”

Oh dear, Jorge, oh dear.

In his post-fight interview with Rogan, Masvidal was quick to state that his overconfidence has been driven by Usman not “showing his power in the first fight” and that this had led him to think the fight would be more about wrestling.

“He caught me by surprise, he’s got my number man and ain't nothing I can say, he won this fair and square.”

As Rogan said, classy in defeat.


UFC fans will be hoping to see Masvidal back in action soon as his fights are always worth getting hyped up for.

For Usman, however, his next challenge seems to be all-but confirmed with Colby Covington very quickly piping up, despite having his jaw broke by the Nigerian Nightmare last time they fought.

So if there is anyone who has ordered a slice of humble pie, it’s Covington, because he already knows what power Usman possesses.

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