Tottenham's Harry Kane sparks debate with Ruben Dias incident in Man City defeat

  • Kobe Tong

Harry Kane was left heartbroken as Tottenham Hotspur slumped to defeat against Manchester City in the Carabao Cup on Sunday.

It’s staggering to think a player of Kane’s quality has gone his entire career without a major honour, watching in horror as Aymeric Laporte’s winner confined Spurs to yet another final defeat.

It was a similar bitter taste to the 2019 Champions League final with Kane being drafted into the starting XI on the back of an injury, failing to make a notable impact on the game.

Kane and Spurs lose Carabao Cup final

However, in amongst the cagey and taxing exchanges at Wembley Stadium, there was an incident involving Kane that got plenty of football fans talking on social media.

Kane has gathered something of a reputation for diving in recent years with some fans opining that he doesn’t receive the same flack as players like Mohamed Salah due to his England captaincy.

And it’s an argument that isn’t completely void of substance with Kane having produced some exaggerated reactions to fouls at Tottenham that could be fairly branded as simulation.

Tottenham Fan Elena “WE WERE DREADFUL”! RANT! (Football Terrace)

Kane vs Dias incident

Now, you probably know where we’re heading with this because, yes, Kane did indeed have fans pointing the accusatory finger of ‘diving’ at him during the Carabao Cup final defeat.

That’s because many supporters across social media felt as though Kane was either diving or deliberately making a meal out of Ruben Dias’ tackle from behind at Wembley.

But not everybody thinks that way. In fact, said clash with Dias appears to have split fans into thirds.


Did Kane dive vs Man City?

There are some who unabashedly think that Kane was diving or at least exaggerating, whereas others think it was an inspired tackle and another faction simply agrees with the referee’s decision.

However, it speaks volumes that one of the clips of the incident – posted by Twitter user @AlwaysAired – with the most engagement sports the caption: “The most shameless man in world football.”

It doesn’t take a world-class pundit to work out which angle they’re coming from, so be sure to check out the footage down below as well as other fans who think that Kane was channeling the dark arts:


Other fans are defending Kane

That’s all well and good, but we’re all for a fair debate here at GIVEMESPORT, so let’s give the argument to the contrary the time of day. Check out some alternative takes here:


GIVEMESPORT’s Kobe Tong says

I think we’ve come full circle here.

It’s almost as though ‘Kane not getting the criticism he deserves’ has become such a strong narrative on social media that some fans are now going out of their way to make sure that he does.

And in this case, albeit just my opinion, I’m inclined to think that Kane has been hard done by and that Dias making contact with the Spurs man before taking the ball is the key moment here.


Is there good reason to think Kane turns on the theatrics a little bit? Sure, I’ll grant that, but welcome to the world of modern football. There are more players who do this than don’t nowadays.

That doesn’t make it right, sure, but I don’t think that Kane has gone so over-the-top with his reaction that the dive accusations that he’s deserved at times are truly substantiated here.

But hey, there are enough supporters driving the knife into Kane to suggest that I’m probably in the minority. Either way, though, it’s clear that the incident sparked a fascinating debate.

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