Call of Duty: Leaker reveals ‘nothing good’ about 2021 ‘Vanguard’ game


Fans of the Call of Duty franchise may have to face the unthinkable this year of being without a new title.

WWII Vanguard was set to be the COD 2021 release, however, according to a rather surprising new leak it may not in fact be ready.

This is according to industry insider MW2Ghost, who said:

“There is nothing about Vanguard that would make it a good release this year.”

While also on Twitter, fellow insider Tom Henderson wrote:

“Vanguard…to put it simply has been a disaster.

“WWII is going to be held back so bad by previous generation consoles, and from my understanding, they are planning previous gen for both Vanguard and Infinity Ward next title.”

It is still possible though that Vanguard may yet be released on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S and then subsequently be downgraded for release on the PS4 and Xbox One.

The reason for the delay to WWII Vanguard, however, is likely because video game designers Activision are still in the middle of altering it’s approach to the game with rumours about them wanting to include more content.

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MW2Ghost also added:

“There are talks of some kind of “revamp” for MW19, or a flow of more content for it. There’s so much unreleased & potentially saved for MWII.”

In terms of plans for COD in 2021, meanwhile, Activision has yet to announce any concrete plans as they continue to focus on Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty Mobile.

Lately Warzone’s Verdansk map was obliterated in a nuclear blast and it got transformed to a 1980s version of itself. This has resulted in mixed reactions from COD gamers:

“Seriously, a reskinned Verdansk, 80s’ style, is good for short-term giggles, but already I so, SO want the original back,” said one COD gamer.

With that in mind, it may be understandable that Activision are taking a somewhat more cautious approach and making sure that Vanguard measures up to fans’ expectations.

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