Vince McMahon's first WWE meeting with Pat McAfee detailed by new SmackDown announcer

McAfee details his first meeting with WWE Chairman McMahon

Pat McAfee is the newest member of SmackDown’s announce team. 

After a short run in NXT, where he feuded with Adam Cole and Undisputed Era, the former NFL star has made his way up to the main WWE roster. 

He’ll be working as the colour commentator on Friday nights and while his main focus will be to call the action, we wouldn’t put it past McAfee to get involved in the action one day. 

News of his new role came as quite a shock to fans and rather interestingly, Pat has since admitted that he hadn’t even met with Vince McMahon ahead of taking the job two weeks ago.

That has since changed as the WWE Chairman and CEO was backstage on SmackDown last Friday and McAfee actually had a brief meeting with him. 

Speaking during his radio show on Monday, WWE’s newest commentator revealed what happened when he met McMahon for the first time.  

“There was a little bit of nerves and anticipation. I’ve done a lot of research on this man. Always heard [give] Vince a firm handshake,” McAfee revealed. 

McAfee has made his SmackDown announcer debut

“I was told by a couple of people, ‘when he’s talking, don’t feel obligated to nod because there’s a chance he’ll think you’re not paying attention. He is 100% invested in you when he’s having this conversation. Be in the moment.’ 

“Michael Cole and I go to meet him before we go on the air. After waiting 15 minutes, I go in and he looks awesome. Swagged out. great fit, standing up at the time.

“He goes, ‘Pat.’ I’m coming in, ‘Vince.’ Good shake, good pass, great web to web, great eye contact. I go, ‘I know you don’t like to be complimented but I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank you…’ Definitely a kiss a** moment, but also something I wanted him to know.” 

McAfee thanked McMahon for his WWE opportunity

McAfee later revealed that during their meeting, Vince even took time to ‘make fun’ of Adam Cole, the NXT star Pat clashed with last year. 

“He told me a couple of things, made fun of Cole, kinda buried Cole,” the former NFL punter said.

“I go with a fist bump back, I didn’t know if he’s a fist bump guy. Good pop, laugh, walkout, the whole thing was 45 seconds to a minute.” 

McAfee had a short run in NXT this year

Brilliant. It sounds like McAfee is firmly in McMahon’s good books, so we’ll no doubt be hearing – and perhaps seeing – a lot more of him on SmackDown

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