Pokemon Go: Xerneas and Yveltal Featured In Luminous Legends X and Y Events

Xerneas and Yveltal will feature in the Pokemon Go Luminous Series X and Y

Niantic are adding two legendary Pokemon to Pokemon Go as the game branches out further in the Kalos region.

In order to nurse them into the game, they are running two iconic events that trainers across the world can take advantage of – the Luminous Legends events X and Y, which highlights the old X and Y Pokemon games that were released back in 2013 on Nintendo 3DS.

The Season of Legends event has been running now for some time, with the first season ending with a nostalgic trip back to the first generation with the Kanto Tour Celebration Event, which included iconic Game Boy music from the Red, Blue and Yellow games released in the 1990s.

With this in mind, players have begun to speculate in what way the series could go out with a bang, and an exciting generation six-themed event on the horizon.

That being said, Niantic revealed their hand and announced that the two new events would take place, meaning lots of new Pokemon to capture, research to carry out, challenges to complete and rewards to unlock in what looks to be an action-packed May leading into the warmer months of the year.

Here is everything you need to know about Luminous Legends X and Y and the legendary Pokemon that will feature.

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Xerneas, known as the Life Pokemon, will be released as part of the game’s Luminous Legends X event which sees a host of other creatures introduced to the game for the first time. Originally discovered in Kalos, legends say that Xerneas has eternal life and its horns can shine in seven different colours.

Xerneas will make its debut in Pokemon Go in May

Goomy, Swirlix and Spritzee will also be introduced to the augmented reality game, along with the Rainy Lure Module. This can be attached to Pokestops to attract water, bug and electric-type Pokemon and can be utilised to evolve Goomy and Sliggoo.

The X event will run from 4th May at 10 am until 17th May at 8 pm, which will see Xerneas enter five-star raids for the very first time.


The destructive Pokemon, Yveltal, will be the second legendary Pokemon from the Kalos region to be featured in the Luminous Legends Y event.

Details are limited at this time, but Niantic have confirmed that the Pokemon Pancham will be available to hatch from Strange Eggs obtained from Team Go Rocket leaders.

We will update this as more information becomes available in the coming weeks.

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