Chris Weidman leg break: UFC fighter shows off his x-rays


Chris Weidman took to social media on Tuesday to share x-ray images of the broken leg he sustained at UFC 261.

The former UFC middleweight champion snapped the leg in two with the very first strike he threw in his bout vs perennial contender Uriah Hall. 

In a scene eerily reminiscent of the equally-horrifying Anderson Silva leg break vs Weidman at UFC 168, the American tried to return his leg to the canvas, only to find it had fractured in two.

With Weidman immediately crumpling to the mat in agony, the crowd was left groaning and in tears, as a bemused, and shellshocked Hall, was declared the victor.

Honestly, do yourself a favour; if you haven’t already seen it, don’t! Once seen, it cannot be unseen.

After medics had stabilised Weidman’s leg and placed him on a stretcher, grimacing in agony and to the tune of rapturous applause from the nauseous crowd of some 15,000 fans, the All American was carted out of the Octagon and taken to a local Florida hospital. 

Weidman underwent successful surgery on Sunday morning, but is likely to be inactive for at least a year. In fact, given the veteran’s age and recent record inside the Octagon, there is a chance he never fights again. 

Surgeons inserted a titanium rod into Weidman’s leg. Designed to support his fractured tibia, the rod runs from his knee to his ankle. The ruptured fibula, thankfully, is expected to heal on its own.

UFC 261 itself will go down as one of the most memorable MMA events of all time, and mostly for all the right reasons. 

The card was stacked from top to bottom; the level of competition was sky-high throughout, and viewers were treated to a festival of incredible KOs and high-level MMA fighting – short, though, the bouts were. 

But that shocking moment in the second fight on the main card between the All American and Hall had fight fans around the world diving behind pillows in their living rooms and will live on in UFC infamy for all time.


All at GiveMeSport would like to wish Chris Weidman a speedy recovery. 

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