Conor McGregor has been called out for WWE match by NXT UK Superstar

McGregor has been called out by NXT UK Superstar for WWE match

Sam Gradwell is one of the most exciting talents on the NXT UK roster. 

Less than seven days ago, he picked up the biggest win of his WWE career against Dave Mastiff.

Not only is 'Thunderstorm' impressive in the ring, but he also has a reputation for being one of the best trash talkers on the roster. 

As much as he loves handing out physical beatdowns, he's just as capable of ruining opponents with his words too. 

But how would he stand up against the trash-talking king of combat sports, Conor McGregor?

'Notorious' is, well, notorious for being the best on the mic in UFC, so GIVEMESPORT challenged Gradwell to cut a promo on McGregor, challenging him to a match. 

It's fair to say he didn't disappoint. Check out the video below: 

Yep, that is quite impressive. We've not heard anyone call McGregor a yoghurt before! 

"You alright Conor? Here we go, my lord, bloody hell. This is NXT UK Thunderstorm Sam Gradwell. You might be the 'Notorious' Conor McGregor, but I am a thunderstorm," he begins.

"I’m not here to be a pretty little, whisky drinking, leopard print-wearing, flouncing firecracker. I’m here to rattle your jowls and wobble your jaw. In a bit, you YOGHURT." 

McGregor has been called out by NXT UK star

Gradwell, of course, has a reputation for being the best talker in NXT UK and that's a label he's very happy with, suggesting that it all comes naturally to him. 

"That’s me being me. The difference between me now and the first day is that I was trying to be something and play the part," he revealed exclusively to GIVEMESPORT.

"I thought I needed to make an impression and be what they want. It wasn’t until I was sat out injured watching that I thought ‘what do they not have? They don’t have me.’ 

Gradwell has called out McGregor for a match

"The more honest you are with yourself, the more authentic you are, you don’t have to think, go out there, be who you are and dial it up to 10.

"People are going to believe it, you’re just being you. If you want to label me as a trash talker - fine. I’ve got no problem with that." 

Catch Sam Gradwell in action on NXT UK, airing every Thursday night to UK fans on BT Sport. 

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