Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul: Fight date and venue confirmed


Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul finally has a date and a venue.

After the fight was indefinitely postponed in February, many were left doubting whether or not it would ever take place.

The rumours were that Mayweather wanted a full stadium and was willing to wait it out until he could get that.

Now, it seems that ‘Money’ has pulled the trigger, with the pair coming to an accord this week.

The 50-0 superstar will take on the popular YouTuber on June 6 at the world-famous Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

The pair both shared the announcement via their various social media accounts with American TV network Showtime and Fanmio set to air the bout.

The official rules for the fight are yet to emerge, but, unsurprisingly, the pay-per-view price has.

Fans will be asked to part with no less than $49.99 to purchase the fight, with a limited edition Mayweather v Paul t-shirt included in the package.

However, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if there are other, pricier options made available closer to fight night.

Many purists are branding the fight a farce as Mayweather – one of the true boxing greats – takes on a YouTuber without a professional win to his name.


This has, however, became Mayweather’s ‘modus-operandi’ since retirement though and, say what you like about him, the man knows how to make money.

Paul has been putting in the hard yards in training but, as Conor McGregor will testify, there is just no substitute for that wealth of in-ring experience.

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That hasn’t stopped the internet star form engaging in a little bit of trash talk though, claiming that Floyd’s delaying tactics were only going to harm him.

“We’ve been training every single day… hard preparing to fight this guy and the way I look it, as every day that goes by, I get about one to two per cent better, and every day that goes by he gets about one day older.


“And so the older Floyd Mayweather gets, the slower he gets, the more fragile he gets.

“Me? I’m the opposite. I’m 26, I’m headed into my prime and I’m at that tipping point where I’m getting exponentially better at this sport very quickly, so yeah, the longer he waits I think the more he’s in danger.”

It’s an interesting point he makes, and he is not entirely wrong. 

Having said that, however, he’ll be fighting one of the most intelligent and brilliant fighters of a generation and you can be certain Floyd will have a plan.

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