WWE Hall of Famer makes surprise appearance on NXT in hilarious segment

Cameron Grimes

On Tuesday’s episode of NXT, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase finally came face-to-face with Cameron Grimes. 

Grimes, who has been mentioning the WWE Hall of Famer for some time now, returned to the Black and Gold Brand under a new “big money” gimmick.

Their meeting happened during the second of two segments on NXT, in which Cameron was initially shopping in a jewellery store. Grimes was searching for a watch for himself and told the jeweller: 

“I was here to get the most expensive, shiniest, blingiest, most extravagant watch that was in this city.”

In the second segment aired on the episode, it could be seen that Cameron was trying on multiple watches, as well as using a monocular to stare at the diamond on a gold watch he was wearing. This lead to him saying:

“Well I mean, are you sure this thing is working? It’s not even going tick tock. Karrion Kross would hate this thing.”

Grimes would try a second watch on, this time he was a fan of it, expressing his delight to the jeweller.

Cameron Grimes and Ted DiBiase watches

“It’s looking like the one. That fine detail. I think it’s perfect for me,” he said.

“You know what? I’ll just wear it out. Ring it up.

“Oh man it’s so good, I love it.”

Ted Dibiase

Following this, a voice behind Cameron told him that his choice of watch wasn’t bad, but “it’s not a million dollar watch.”

This was none other than DiBiase, who then, looking Grimes dead in the eye, hit his iconic laugh to the latter’s shock.

The segment ended with Cameron watching Ted leave the store and saying:

“That damn Ted Dibiase.”

It’ll be interesting to see what comes of this, or if the segment was just a one-off. Also, will Grimes now face the raft of NXT Champion Killian Kross after he mentioned his name? Only time will tell.

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