Conor McGregor donates $500k to Louisiana charity - but not Dustin Poirier's


As far as rejoinders go, Conor McGregor has a way with them.

The Notorious knows as much about winning a war of words as he does about the battles in the cage.

The battle he has managed to apparently win this time around is “that” Twitter feud with Dustin Poirier.

At the time of the rematch between the two – which Poirier won comprehensively – the Irishman announced that he would make a $500,000 donation to Poirier’s Good Fight Foundation.

However, things went a bit awry when McGregor’s failure to make good on his pledge was called out by Poirier on Twitter.

The decision to make it public knowledge turned things very sour between the fighters, with McGregor fuming at the American for trying to shame him.

The Irishman responded by saying he was waiting for proof of where the funds would go, but then ultimately decided to cancel the trilogy fight.


Thankfully, however, the trilogy fight is back on track, with the two set to share the Octagon for a third time at UFC 264 on July 10.

The beef is clearly not settled, though, and McGregor has ramped up his pettiness and savageness by making a charitable donation to another foundation based in Poirier’s Louisiana.  

He has finally made good on his pledged $500,000 donation, but has done so towards a different cause at the Boys and Girls Club of Acadiana in Lafayette. 

“Boys & Girls Clubs of Acadiana received an unexpected call last week and are humbled to share that Conor McGregor is donating $500,000 to impact youth in South Louisiana by supporting our upcoming 2021 Summer Camp and ongoing health and recreation activities at our six club sites,” they wrote, shocking many in the process.


”This investment is a game-changer. Thank you, Conor, for helping to ensure that our kids have what they need to grow and thrive this summer.”

Well, Poirier will not be best pleased by that, and many fight fans are reacting to the news as well.

“Haha the ultimate mindf***.. donating to a different charity,” one used tweeted.

Another said: “Ah this is just the best kind of “F*** You”‘

“Brilliant… a donation made out of spite,” another remarked, whilst one more said: “Lol. Alright that’s kind of funny. VERY PETTY. But funny”

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Where was Conor McGregor born?

Nonetheless, a charity made is still a charity made. At the end of the day, it is going to be used for a good cause and that is all that matters.

Yes, the intention that McGregor has made the donation with can always be the subject of debate.

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