Xavier Woods claims it's Big E's prophecy to win the WWE Universal Title this year

Xavier Woods

A world title is eluding two of the three members of The New Day. Xavier Woods and Big E are yet to capture the WWW Championship or Universal Title in their tenure with the company, while Kofi Kingston won his first and only world title at WrestleMania 35, beating Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship.

However, this won’t be something that is going to last forever according to Xavier. He thinks former tag team partner E will become the Universal Champion in the future, while saying he’s aiming to win an iconic tournament too.

He recently spoke to Justin Barrasso from Sports Illustrated and said the following:

“The prophecy has already been told; E’s going to win the title.

“I’ll go on to win King of the Ring, and we’ll be three kings. That’s the way New Day actually works. We say things, make the right moves and they happen. Fingers crossed, it all happens.”

Woods is an 11-time Tag Team Champion in the WWE, holding the belts with Kingston or E as part of the faction. He went on to mention who his mentor is in the company, none other than tag team legend and WWE producer – D-Von Dudley.

“D-Von Dudley has served as a mentor and pointed me in the right direction to do work I enjoy,” Woods said.

D-Von Dudley

“It evolved into this creative plain with UpUpDownDown, a blueprint for excitement.”

Xavier is an avid gamer when not competing in the ring. Alongside hosting UpUpDownDown, he has been confirmed as the host of a new gaming series by WWE and G4.  The name of the new show had not yet been confirmed, but Woods has described it as a ‘dream job’ for him.

“This legitimately is a dream job for me,” Woods said.

Xavier Woods

“An opportunity like this is what I’ve been pushing for, really, throughout my whole career. It feels incredible to have this job in this space, especially with an organization as incredible as G4. I’m tied so emotionally to this from my childhood. It was a safe space where I could nerd out and be myself, and where I found out there were other people like me.

“It’s cool they’re taking a chance on me. This isn’t me jumping to the next money grab; this is my life. I’m a hardcore gamer, and I have always wanted to mesh wrestling and games together, especially with eSports.

“This opportunity with G4 is going to give me the ability to do that on such a grand stage in the gaming world. I’m still losing my mind over it, and it feels so surreal. I’m working with such a great crew of people, and this opportunity is a dream come true.”

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