Pokémon Go May 2021 Community Day: Dates, Swablu, Mega Evolutions And Everything You Need To Know

Swablu has been confirmed as the featured Pokemon for May Community Day

The Pokémon Go Community Day in May 2021 is just around the corner and excitement is starting to build among trainers.

Each month, Niantic will host a special event, typically on a Sunday, where a specific Pokémon will be much more common during certain hours of the day, with the chances of picking up a shiny version being much greater than usual.

While the schedule for the events in May have already been released, it is not yet known which Pokémon will be featured. Find out more about the events here.

With this comes timed research for the day only that can bring some elusive awards such as Ggg Incubators Golden Razz Berries, Sinnoh Stones and plenty more.

Nothing has been officially announced at this time from Niantic in which case we will update this article when details emerge.

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Here is everything you need to know about Pokémon Go May 2021 Community Day.


Niantic confirmed that May Community Day will take place on 15th May 2021, between 11 am and 5 pm local time.

Swablu Confirmed

While leaks surfaced before Niantic made their official announcement, they revealed on the game’s official blog that Swablu will be the featured Pokemon for May.


Niantic have listed the following features during the one-off monthly event:

  • Swablu will be appearing more frequently in the wild. If you’re lucky, you may encounter a Shiny one!
  • Evolve Swablu during the event or up to two hours afterwards to get an Altaria that knows the attack Moonblast.
  • Take a few snapshots during Community Day for a surprise!
  • There’ll be a special one-time-purchase Community Day Box available for 1,280 PokéCoins, featuring 50 Ultra Balls, five Super Incubators, five Incense, and an Elite Fast TM.
  • For US$1 (or the equivalent pricing tier in your local currency), you’ll be able to access the Swablu Community Day–exclusive Special Research story, Cotton-Winged Bird.

Mega Evolutions

Following on from May Community Day, Niantic also announced that Mega Altaria will be making its debut in Mega Raids.

Mega Altaria

Any Altaria that has been evolved from Swablu can be used to collect Mega Altaria Energy to Mega-Evolve, which will be another addition to the Pokedex for trainers. 

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