PlayStation 2 quiz: How well do you remember the golden era of gaming?


The PlayStation 2 era truly was one of the most golden in the history of gaming.

Sony’s blockbuster console was miles ahead of its time when it was released, welcoming in a new, almost unbelievable age of gaming.

The PS2 was an instant global success, selling million of units across the globe and providing a platform for some of the most memorable games ever made.

Millions upon millions of hours were ploughed into PS2 gaming across the numerous genres that developed as a result of the consoles power and capabilities.

The FIFA series took off, games like Call of Duty were born and the GTA franchise truly came into its own on the PS2.

Racing games in the form of Gran Tourismo and Need for Speed took the world by storm while a lowly skateboarding franchise grew from a comedic novelty to an absolute gaming powerhouse.

From sports to movie games, fantasy adventure to old fashioned shooters, the PS2 had absolutely everything and more.

In truth, we could sit here and reminisce for hours on those whimsical days with the PS2 controller in hand.

Instead, we thought we’d test your memory by seeing just how much you remember about one of the Godfather’s of gaming.

If you consider yourself to be a real PlayStation 2 Jedi, now is your chance to prove it by acing this quiz.

Here’s hoping you avoid the red screen of doom! 

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In what year did Sony release the PlayStation 2?

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