Jake Paul: Dana White sends KO '15 minutes are up' warning


UFC president Dana White recently revealed his belief that a loss in the ring for Jake Paul is imminent.

Jake Paul is currently the villain of the MMA and boxing worlds. The controversial vlogger is riding high after his surprise knockout win on Olympic wrestler turned MMA fighter Ben Askren last month.

Most recently, ‘The Problem Child’ showed up at UFC 261 where he got into a heated confrontation with former light heavyweight and heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier.

White was as shocked as everyone else when Paul sent Askren packing in the first round of their Triller Fight Club clash.

A keen gambler, White had even said he’d consider betting $1million against the former Disney Channel star.

While the bet was seemingly never officially made, it didn’t stop ardent Paul-supporter Snoop Dogg from calling White out on social media.

White also called into question the titanic pay-per-view numbers Paul has claimed his clash with Askren made. In response, Paul slammed White on social media and zeroed in on the current payment controversies in the UFC, accusing White of underpaying his fighters.


In an act of what could be considered temporary insanity, Paul then accepted a call out from arguably the best fighter in the world right now, UFC welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman.

How anyone could want a piece of Usman after he sent Jorge Masvidal to the shadow realm in the second round of their UFC 261 main event is anyone’s guess.

During a recent interview with FightHype.com, White shared his thoughts on Jake Paul and his career trajectory:


“I hate the d***** who pop in here and say ‘hey, pay Jake Paul’. I hate them worse than I hate Jake Paul.

“Listen, the kid is making money and makes people care. He makes people give a s***. I don’t hate the kid, I know people are very excited for the day when he gets clipped and gets knocked out.

“It is coming. His 15 minutes are nearly up, but the kid is going to make some money. Good for him.”

Needless to say, many will be hoping the UFC president is ultimately proven correct about one of the most polarising figures in combat sports right now.

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