Victoria on how her WWE Women's Royal Rumble appearance came about

Victoria WWE Royal Rumble

She ain't the lady to mess with!

Victoria is one name from the Attitude Era's women's division that fans have certainly heard of. The Black Widow, who was with the WWE from 2000-2009, won two Women's Championships in that period.

Since its introduction in 2018, the Women's Royal Rumble has seen numerous Superstars from the past and present feature in the match. The 50-year-old falls in this category after she made a surprise return to the WWE at this year's event.

But how did her appearance in the match come about? Speaking on the Talkin' Sass podcast, Victoria revealed she was called just two weeks before the pay-per-view and felt nervous participating in it.

“They called me two weeks prior. To be honest with you, I saw the 203 area code and I didn’t answer. When we used to get the 203 area code calling, we were either fired, in trouble, or ‘hey we need you to fly out," she said.

"My stomach started tingling [when I got the] message. And I’m like ‘wow, they want me at the Rumble!’ I hadn’t been to the gym, I don’t get my nails done, [I don’t get] botox, I don’t have hair extensions anymore, I’m not that Victoria-esque that people remember me [for].These girls – the athleticism now, how fast they work and the spots they do; [I thought] ‘am I going to be able to keep up?’

“The insecurities came back. I think people don’t realize how insecure us wrestlers are, especially being female. That pressure of being skinny with no wrinkles, no grey hair, and just looking the part, I was self-doubting myself.”

The former two-time Women's Champion was recently voted as the 14th greatest WWE women's wrestler by the company, a list she didn't expect to even be on.

“I’m actually shocked I made the list,” she said.

“I haven’t been wrestling in a while. I was surprised at the number I got. I was so honored, it was shocking.

Victoria and Ruby Riott

"To make the list was just an honor…if I was number 50 I would still be happy. It was such an honor, it blew me away.”

The Black Widow entered the Women's Royal Rumble in the number 10 spot. Her performance in the match can't be forgotten, especially when she first got into the ring. She cleared house, hitting several Superstars with straight rights, before her signature spinning sidewalk slam to Ruby Riott. These were just a few highlights the 50-year-old had in the bout.

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