Five challengers for WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns retained the Universal Championship against Daniel Bryan on this week’s episode of SmackDown. The Head of The Table made The Leader of The “Yes!” Movement pass out to the Guillotine, banishing Bryan from the Blue Brand.

With Daniel now in his past, who should step up and challenge Reigns for SmackDown's top prize next?

Here are five names who The Tribal Chief could defend his title against in the near future:

5 | Shinsuke Nakamura 

Where to start? Why not Shinsuke Nakamura? The Japanese Superstar was close to facing Roman for the Universal Title, but for The Head of The Table attacking him and preventing him from winning a gauntlet match to determine Reigns' next challenger. 

Nakamura, with revenge on his mind, would make for a great opponent for The Tribal Chief. Shinsuke's in-ring experience could cause Roman some problems. His combination of lethal strikes and The Head of The Table's powerful move set, it would make for a great bout for the belt.

Shinsuke Nakamura

4 | Aleister Black

For a second week in a row Aleister Black has appeared in a vignette, something that should eventually lead to his return to SmackDown.

The Dutch Superstar is yet to win a singles title on the main roster, but this could be a prime opportunity to push the former NXT Champion to the heights he deserves.

There's no denying that Black is talented, both on the mic and in the ring. Imagine the contest he and The Head of The Table would have if given a substantial time.

Aleister's new gimmicks, though it seems as if he will return as a 'heel', could still work perfectly against an egotistical Reigns.

Aleister Black

3 | Seth Rollins

A match between Seth Rollins and The Tribal Chief, especially since their new personas, would burn it down!

The pair have a history as friends and foe, and with "The Messiah's" vision for the Blue Brand and Roman's dominance at the top, it would now be a case of which ego outdoes the other.

Seth Rollins

2 | Big E 

Give us what we want!

Surely if that worked for Batista, it would work for the WWE Universe? Big E taking on Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship would be unbelievable. Imagine the promos, the intense staredowns, E having to brutalise Jey Uso to 'prove he's worth' of a title bout and Reigns dismissing the former member of The New Day as a serious challenger. It would just be fire!

Honestly, I see E as the one to dethrone The Head of The Table. His charisma and overall ability on the mic and in the ring, screams Superstar. Imagine the reaction he would get if he was the one to end Reigns' lengthy run as champion... amazing.

Big E

1 | Cesaro

Only a couple of weeks ago Cesaro stepped up to The Tribal Chief outlining his intent to face him for the Blue Brand's top prize.

The Swiss Superman is yet to win a world title in his WWE tenure, but is arguably the most underrated member on all of the company's rosters.

Cesaro deserves a title run considering his commitment to the WWE and support from the fans. Roman brushed his challenge aside but if The Swiss Superman continues to knock on The Head of The Table's door, surely his chance for the gold will come?


These are just five names who could challenge Reigns for SmackDown's top prize. There's no denying that either of these men would have one hell of a contest with The Tribal Chief if given the opportunity.

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