Roman Reigns sends strong message to Daniel Bryan & WWE fans following SmackDown win

Reigns sent a strong message to Bryan and WWE fans after banishing him from SmackDown

Roman Reigns successfully defended his Universal Championship against Daniel Bryan in the main event of SmackDown on Friday evening.  

But this match was arguably less about The Head of the Table and more about his opponent, because it wasn't any old title bout.

This was a championship vs career match, with Bryan being told in no uncertain terms seven days beforehand that he would be banished from SmackDown should he lose. 

And, that's exactly what happened. Reigns forced his opponent to pass out in the Guillotine submission to get the win, before attacking him after the match, running DB out of town for good. 

The WWE Universe was left in a state of shock, but for Roman and Paul Heyman, this was inevitable. 

In fact, The Head of the Table has now responded to his victory, posting a video of himself working out at the gym just hours after SmackDown, demanding the respect of fans once again.

Check out the clip he posted below:   

"I’m already putting in the works, just a few hours removed, Saturday morning," Reigns began.

"Last night I achieved greatness once again. As I’m hitting this cardio I’m sitting here thinking, the whole world should be thanking me. Daniel Bryan, you should be thanking me, bro.

For two different reasons - I’m a man of my word, I did what I said I was going to do, and not only did I give the audience what they need, I got rid of you. 

Reigns has banished Bryan from SmackDown

"I’m driving us forward, I’m taking care of the future, getting rid of the old." 

Reigns went on to say he gave Bryan 'what he wanted' by banishing him from SmackDown.

"I gave you what you wanted. You made it clear you was looking for that new door.

"What better way to go through the new one when the old one hits you right in the ass, and that’s what I did, I closed this door on you.

Reigns caught Bryan with countless spears on SmackDown

"So... we’re going to live this ‘Show Up and Win’ mantra, we’re gonna keep putting work in and next Friday on SmackDown, not only do I expect you to acknowledge me, and no I’m not talking to you Daniel Bryan, we’re done with you.

"Go have fun, be a dad, save the world, hug a tree, whatever you wanna do."

Reigns concluded his promo by sending a message to the WWE Universe, demanding acknowledgment. 

Reigns has demanded acknowledgement from the WWE fans

"To the WWE Universe... some of them call you that. To me, you’re mine. You’re my audience, you’re my people. Not only are you gonna acknowledge me on Friday, you’re going to thank me. I’ll see you in a few." 

Damn. That's one hell of an impressive message to send on social media. Roman Reigns is on fire right now. 

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