Kevin Owens reveals interesting advice Vince McMahon gave him about Universal Title run

Owens details the advice McMahon gave him about Universal Title run

Kevin Owens made quite the splash when he was called up to the WWE main roster back in 2015.

Coming up with the NXT title belt, he entered a feud with John Cena on his first night, disrespecting the United States Champion during his Open Challenge. 

To the shock of fans, KO actually went over Cena during their storyline, setting him up to become WWE's next top star. 

But, unfortunately, that's not quite how it's worked out.

Yes, Owens is in the main event conversation. Yes, he's had a number of impressive feuds and storylines. Yes, he's had a couple of WrestleMania moments. 

But quite shockingly, 'The Prizefighter' has only had one world title reign and that began over four years ago. 

For seven months between August 2016 and February 2017, KO held the Universal Championship, before eventually dropping the belt to Goldberg in a match that lasted 22 seconds.

Owens was Universal Champion in WWE

Ever since, fans have been desperate to see him get another crack at the world title, but it just hasn't happened yet. 

Speaking about his situation to talkSPORT, Owens discussed his change in mindset since his first run with the Universal Title, suggesting he didn't enjoy it enough. 

"What I mean the most when I talk about I’d love to have another Universal title run to make things right is for myself," he said. 

My mindset has changed a lot since I was champion and back then I didn’t take the time to enjoy any of it. 

Owens' mindset has changed in WWE since being champion

"I was just too focused on trying to make it good, make it better, make it as good as it can be and I really, really didn’t enjoy it the way I should have. 

Owens went on to reveal that even Vince McMahon gave him some advice about his title reign.

"Guys like Shawn Michaels, Triple H and even Vince McMahon himself, they’ve all told me that it seemed like I forgot to enjoy this part of things and if you’re not going to enjoy being the champion, then what are you going to enjoy in this industry?

Owens didn't enjoy being Universal Champion as much as he should have

"I’d love to be able to get back there just so I can enjoy it properly, but we’ll see. All I can do is do my best to stay in that story and hopefully I get to take it from Roman or somebody else in the future." 

Surely, surely it's only a matter of time until Owens has another world title around his waist? 

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