Barcelona's Lionel Messi scored a stunning disallowed goal vs AC Milan in 2013


Lionel Messi has scored some of the greatest goals in football history.

Whether it’s channelling the late, great Diego Maradona against Getafe or sticking his head above the clouds versus Manchester United, Messi certainly has a penchant for the spectacular.

But let’s face it, scoring sensational goals is merely part and parcel of being one of the greatest athletes the planet has ever seen and there’s no denying that Messi‘s ability is almost infinite.

Messi’s catalogue of wonder goals

Besides, it feels dirty that the Barcelona star has never actually won the FIFA Puskas Award despite being nominated for seven goals that place within various shades of brilliance.

But just for today, put some of those otherworldy strikes to the back of your mind because we’re actually going to look at some of the Messi wonder goals that never were.

Don’t follow? Well, to put things another way, we mean the astonishing goals that we would be talking about as some of Messi’s greatest ever if it wasn’t for one certain aspect letting it down.

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Messi worldies that never were

One that always comes to mind is his breath-taking solo run against Atletico Madrid during the 2008–09 season that sadly culminated with Messi dinking his one-on-one finish wide of the post.

However, for the example that we want to show you today, it wasn’t Messi and Messi alone that robbed the world of one of its greatest ever goals – and that’s because it was disallowed.

While on a trip down the rabbit hole of Messi compilations on YouTube, we stumbled across a viral montage by content creator ‘Messi Magic’ titled: “10 Skills Invented by Lionel Messi.”


Messi’s superb disallowed goal

And one of the selections, bizarrely undersold as merely a ‘heel flick’, can only be described as a back-to-goal back-heel chip that looped into the air and gloriously found a home in the top corner.

Now, the catch is that Messi was more offside than words can ever describe, so it was never going to count, but we still think it’s one of the greatest disallowed goals that we’ve ever seen.

So, without further ado, be sure to bask in Messi dishing out one of the most casual pieces of skill we’ve ever seen in the Champions League to flex on AC Milan – check it out down below:

Oh mama. The absolute sauce on that.

Stunning in its nonchalance

Just imagine the scenes if Messi had casually whipped that out to win a major Champions League tie, essentially producing the most nonchalant finish we’ve ever laid our eyes upon.

Besides, at the expense of sounding dramatic, I’m inclined to think that it’s an upgrade on Eric Cantona’s iconic chip against Sunderland that is everyone’s go-to for loveable arrogance.


Or if you want a closer comparison, albeit one that was completely accidental, then there’s Harry Kane’s hat-trick goal against Panama at the 2018 World Cup that was adorably Sunday League.

But make no mistake that Messi’s entry in this bizarre, random catalogue is the best of the bunch and we’d still be talking about it most weeks if it wasn’t for those meddling k̶i̶d̶s̶ offside laws…

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