McGregor, Khabib, Jones, Nunes: UFC fan names their controversial GOAT list


The argument over who is the greatest fighter ever to grace the UFC Octagon is one that can never be definitively settled. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion as to who they consider to be the all-time best.

However, despite this fact, some fans love nothing more than to aggressively push the merits of their own personal favourite fighters whenever the topic of the UFC GOAT comes up for discussion. 

Twitter user @healthymax7 caused quite the stir this weekend when they brought the subject up again, having posted a list of the own greatest fighters of all time. It wasn’t just the list itself, though, that riled other fans. 

The tweet was signed off with a statement that read: “This is an official list, any debate is pointless!”

From that moment on, it was almost inevitable that a raft of comments would follow – and they did!

It wasn’t only those that made the top five that caused debate, however. Rather, it was the many UFC stars that seemed to have been overlooked.

Here is a breakdown of the picks in full.


5. Anderson Silva & 4. Georges St-Pierre

The hotly-contested countdown began with two very reasonable picks. Silva and St-Pierre were both dominant champions for several years. 

Canadian icon St-Pierre defended his UFC welterweight title nine times before he retired (for the first time) in 2013. Silva managed to go one better, successfully retaining his middleweight belt on 10 occasions before losing to Chris Weidman in July 2012. Both are legends of the sport of MMA and deserve recognition as such

3. Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is the most financially successful fighter in UFC history. His power at the box office may never be matched. However, he has lost three of his last six UFC outings and has never defended either of the two championship belts that he has won. When you consider that none of the men who have defeated him made this list, the selection becomes even more questionable.

“Having Conor on the list is ridiculous,” read one response to the initial tweet. “You wanted a reaction for sneaking in Conor,” argued another.


“Conor McGregor on here and it ain’t even the 1st of April,” stated a third comment.

2. Demetrious Johnson

The man known as ‘Mighty Mouse’ had a very impressive UFC career, defending the promotion’s flyweight title on no less than 11 occasions. However, as impressive as his numbers were, Johnson never really connected with the masses. Shortly after he lost his championship to Henry Cejudo in August 2018, he was traded to the smaller One FC promotion as part of a deal to bring welterweight contender Ben Askren to the UFC.

Johnson’s run as champion was a strong one, but generally isn’t remembered fondly. As one comment put it: “UFC actually TRADED Mighty Mouse away. Like who the **** gets traded in the UFC? Especially someone considered Top 5 GOAT! Mighty Mouse is GREAT. Just not Top 5 greatest.”

1. Jon Jones

Jon Jones is equal with Johnson in terms of UFC title defences, having successfully retained his light heavyweight crown on 11 occasions – prior to leaving the division last year.


Truthfully, though, ‘Bones’ would likely have sailed past that mark if it were not for incidents outside of the Octagon that prevented him from competing for long periods.

Most consider the 33-year-old to be undefeated, with his 2010 disqualification loss to Matt Hamill widely disputed.

If a deal can be agreed, Jones is tipped to challenge current UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou in an attempt to become a two-weight world champion.

Notable Absentees

While Jones is a perfectly reasonable number one pick, it is the absence of the likes of Khabib Nurmagomedov and Amanda Nunes (among others) that attracted most criticism.

“So Amanda just doesn’t exist anymore???,” asked one response.

“How do you put Conor on this list instead of Khabib? Ridiculous,” declared another bemused fan.

“I’d honestly put Max (Holloway), Poirier, Hughes, Stipe, DC, Nunes or Usman before Conor,” stated a final comment.

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