Jiri Prochazka KOs Dominick Reyes: UFC Vegas 25 plays host to sickening fall


Jiri Prochazka, a former light heavyweight champion in RIZIN, left jaws on the floor with a ferocious display on Saturday night.

Taking on Dominick Reyes in the main event of UFC Vegas 25, Prochazka put ‘The Devastator’ to sleep with a spinning back elbow shot.

Reyes appeared to be on the cusp of victory in round two, securing a dangerous guillotine. Refusing to be denied, though, Prochazka fought his way back to his feet before taking full advantage of his opponent’s increasingly obvious fatigue.

With a mere 31 seconds left of the second round, Prochazka picked up the win with two ferocious right elbows and a fatal spinning left.

Knocked out on impact, Reyes went down hard, landing on his neck/top of his head. Satisfied that his work was done, Prochazka was quick to walk away after the knockout blow. 

Prochazka’s highlight reel-worthy win is only the third spinning back elbow KO in the history of the UFC. The first occurred in March 2014, where Don Hyun Kim sent John Hathaway packing. The next one arrived at the prelims of UFC 217 in November 2017, where Ricardo Ramos sent Aiemann Zahabi packing.

In the wake of Reyes’ alarming fall, many fans took to social media to voice their concerns for the fallen fighter.

Tweets included: “Reyes looked to land on his neck pretty badly there, hope he’s okay. Still doesn’t look awake.”

Another one read: “Seriously hope Dominick Reyes is ok. The way he lands on his neck is horrific.”

The now 2-0 in the UFC Prochazka discussed his performance in his post-fight interview: “I just flow.

“After some counterpunches from Dominick, I can have no chance to think for some plans.

“I just was in the flow. [I thought], ‘After that, maybe spinning elbow. OK, let’s try it.'”

For Reyes, this third straight loss does not bode well. For Prochazka, however, a bump up in the rankings looks likely.

Impressed by his performance, UFC light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz tweeted: “Hey @jiri_bjp. 

“Me vs you in Cieszyn. Polish Prince vsCzech Samurai. Sword vs Katana.”

For now, the sky appears to be the limit for Prochazka. For Reyes, the full damage sustained from this fight remains to be seen.

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