Man United protests: Footage shows moment fans broke into Old Trafford

  • Rob Swan

Thousands of Manchester United fans turned up at Old Trafford on Sunday afternoon to protest against the Glazer family’s ownership of the club.

Supporters are demanding the Americans sell their stake in the club following last month’s attempt to join a hugely controversial European Super League.

United fans have previously protested against the Glazers, who completed their takeover of the Red Devils in 2005.

A large group of supporters managed to force their way into the stadium ahead of Sunday’s scheduled Premier League fixture between United and Liverpool.

While most continued to protest peacefully, there were a couple of people who threw items – including a flare – towards Sky Sports’ outdoor studio.

Graeme Souness, who was on punditry duty for Sky, also said a full can of beer was thrown towards where they were sat.

Footage has been posted on social media, via someone’s Snapchat, which shows the moment a group of fans forced their way into the stadium by kicking a door down.

Watch it here…

Another Snapchat video offers a different perspective of the same incident…

Although the protesters were eventually removed from Old Trafford, the decision was taken to postpone the match.

At the time of writing, it remains unclear when the game will now be played.


Had United failed to beat Liverpool on Sunday, Manchester City would have been crowned Premier League champions.

“You know what’s at the heart of it, this is the consequence of the owners of Manchester United’s actions two weeks ago,” former United captain-turned-pundit Gary Neville said on Sky Sports, per The Mirror.

“Obviously there’s a general disgust and dislike of the owners of this football club, but they weren’t protesting two or three weeks ago before this happened.

“Generally, the Glazer family along with a number of other families of football owners in this country were conniving and scheming behind the rest of football’s back to walk away with the crown jewels and today we’ve seen people protest at that and the fact this game is delayed is because of that.”


Jamie Carragher added: “The frustration with the ownership and I must say I’m obviously a Liverpool supporter in this stadium with Manchester United fans coming past me, but I do think in this situation, football rivalry goes out of this.

“Listen, it’s been peaceful, there’s no problem in the stadium, I’m unsure about outside the stadium, but it’s been a peaceful protest. They’re very unhappy with their owners, not just of what they’re doing in terms of buying a striker, or buying a player in the summer, I think as supporters and how they’ve been treated at this club and how they’ve gone about it.

“The frustration comes from that and it’s obviously heightened with what happened with the Super League. Yes, we all want to see a game of football, we don’t want to see any trouble but I can’t stand here and have a go at Manchester United fans.


“My own supporters, Liverpool, probably 10 or 15 years ago were doing these type of things, marching outside of stadiums to get rid of Hicks and Gillett.

“I would not have a go at any Manchester United fan as long as it’s peaceful and there’s no trouble. Football means a lot for a lot of people and Manchester as much as anybody. A peaceful protest and they’ve only got themselves to blame, the ownership.”

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