Old Trafford protests: Man Utd icon Roy Keane speaks his mind after Liverpool postponement


Roy Keane has never been one to mince his words.

The Manchester United icon has turned his hand to punditry in recent years with often viral results, never being afraid to speak his mind about key topics and phrasing things as brutally as possible.

However, Keane's latest appearance in the Sky Sports gantry saw him speaking earnestly about matters far more important than Paul Pogba's latest performance or Edinson Cavani's future.

Old Trafford protests

Rather, the topic on everybody's lips this weekend was the postponement of United's Premier League clash with Liverpool due to unprecedented scenes of protest at Old Trafford.

As such, the Sky pundits were put on the spot to give their opinions on an afternoon that will go down in Premier League history with fans storming the very pitch that was due to host the game.

Graeme Souness criticised fans for throwing projectiles in the direction of the studio set-up, while Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville defended the grounds upon which the protest had started.

Man Utd fan RANTS about Old Trafford Protests (Football Terrace)

Roy Keane: This just the start of it

As for Keane, the former United skipper was typically unafraid to make his feelings clear and was keen to support the 'peaceful' protests in regards to its anti-Glazer sentiment.

Speaking on Sky Sports, Keane remarked: "They're doing it because they love the club and it's not what has happened over the last few weeks with the Super League.

"I think it's been building for a number of years now, that frustration, and they've come to the end and thought 'enough is enough'.

"It's been building up over the last few years - disappointment in communication, stuff going on in the backroom, tickets, whatever it might be.


"The leadership of the club has not been good enough, when they look at the owners and feel it's just about making money. The statement today is huge for the game to be called off.

"Sometimes you have to put a marker down for people to take notice and this will go all over the world now and people will have to sit up and take note.

"Hopefully the owners of Man Utd will say 'these fans are deadly serious and there's more to come. This is just the start of it for United fans, I guarantee you.

"What happens at the next home game, is it the same? This is just the start for United fans and their plan is for the United owners to give in and sell the club."


Roy Keane: I think they've had enough

According to The Sun, Keane added: "I think it's come to a tipping point for the United fans.

"It was peaceful, I think they threw one or two bottles and a couple of flares, I think that was towards Jamie to be fair! 

"I think they've had enough, enough is enough for these United fans. United have got some of the best fans in the world, a huge club.

"We've seen today that it's coming to an end, they're thinking enough is enough with the ownership of the club with the stuff over the last few weeks.


"There's stuff with the Super League, not being able to support the club here. Enough is enough now and the United fans want the Glazers out."

Trust Keane to nail his colours to the mast and fair play to him for doing so. Besides, as he says, there's good reason to think that the Old Trafford protests won't be the last we hear of all this.

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