Man Utd fans' dislike for the Glazer family explained on US TV by Jon Champion

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Manchester United fans made their feelings very clear about the Glazers on Sunday afternoon.

Hundreds of United supporters descended on Old Trafford ahead of their Premier League clash with Liverpool, eventually forcing the game to be postponed.

While the majority of protestors acted in a peaceful manner, the demonstration was overshadowed by the storming of the Old Trafford pitch and worrying reports of criminal activity.

Man Utd protests

However, for all the reactions and controversies surrounding the nature of the protest, almost every football fan is in agreement with the sentiment behind the latest round of protests.

There is a swelling feeling amongst supporters on the back of the European Super League saga that the richest owners, including the Glazers, are irreparably damaging the very nature of football.

To those ensconced in the English game, it's not difficult to see why machinations like the Super League are an affront on the sport, but the picture is less clear for some fans across the pond.

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Contrast to American sports

That's not a criticism, by the way, but because the American system and traditions of sport are so different, it's understandable that some people would be confused by the situation in England.

After all, we've already seen The Late Late Show host and West Ham United fan James Corden explain the situation to a US audience - and now it's the turn of commentator Jon Champion.

One of the most recognisable voices on the airwaves, putting his words to everything from Match of the Day to the PES video games series, Champion now plies his trade in America with ESPN.


Jon Champion explains Glazer situation

And footage of Champion discussing the United protests in the US has gone viral, attracting more than 18,000 upvotes and 1,500 comments on football's biggest Reddit page at the time of writing.

That's because Champion gave an impassioned explanation of why United fans are so furious with the Glazers after his co-presenter admitted to not fully understanding where the protestors are coming from.

At the sheer mention of the word 'franchise' from his colleague, Champion interjected by saying: "Don't mention that word! No, I hate that word because that has no place in our lexicon.

"When we talk about European sports clubs, they're clubs with beating hearts, not franchises.

"You have Manchester United, one of the 'Super League clubs' - now disbanded for the time being - who are owned by the Glazer family who are widely despised because they're seen as absentee owners.

"They bought the club by loading debt onto it. They don't show any form of care for it and yet this is the thing that dominates the lives of so many of its followers. That's why---"


Wait... was Champion cut off?

And although unconfirmed, the video appears to show that Champion was cut off midway through his monologue, perhaps suggesting that the producers were worried about the angle he was taking.

Either way, though, there can be no denying that Champion felt impassioned about the situation and he's certainly not alone because the Glazer family have been put under more pressure than ever.

Whether the protests and uproar will encourage them to respond remains to be seen, but let's just say that about 10,000 balls are now overwhelming their court.

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