Roy Keane names two England stars that Man Utd should sign - how they could line up


Roy Keane thinks Manchester United need ‘two or three players’ to challenge for the Premier League title – and he even has suggestions.

Speaking to Sky Sports on a chaotic afternoon where United‘s game with Liverpool was postponed due to Old Trafford protests, Keane encouraged his old club to sign two of England’s best players.

Keane explained: “The two players who I’ve thought about over the last few weeks who I feel would be brilliant for Man Utd are Harry Kane up front – whatever it costs – and I’d go with Jack Grealish.

Keane’s transfer plan for Man Utd

“I feel United are still short of that special player. I think Grealish would give them that and I feel he would enjoy playing at Old Trafford.

“The fans would love him. What I admire about Jack is he’s got great courage on the football pitch. He always wants the ball in tight areas.

“We’ve seen over the last year or two his end product has improved. He’s an excellent player and obviously Kane would guarantee goals.


“Would it be difficult to get these two players? You bet your life it would be, but Man Utd have to go out and try to sign the best otherwise we’ll be having the same conversations next year about being nearly there.”

How could Man Utd afford it?

Now, yes, that’s the key point there, Roy, because United already have a swelling wage bill and the idea of introducing Grealish to an already stacked midfield risks overturning the piggy bank.

After all, according to Transfermarkt, Grealish is valued at a cool £54.00 million and Kane’s value spills far beyond United’s transfer record at an eye-watering £108.00 million.

But although Keane could see a world in which Grealish, Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba share the pitch at Old Trafford, he suggested a cut-throat way of making space for the Aston Villa wizard.

Keane added: “If there’s a problem over having one or two too many, then they can move Pogba on. Why not? If Grealish comes in, get rid of one or two of them.


“They’re a little worried about Pogba’s contract with him moving into his last year, but if they’re going to cash in on him, do it this summer. You can’t have enough quality players at a club like Man Utd.”

How would Keane’s plan actually look?

Say what you like about Keane’s choices and approach, but there’s no denying that he’s got a clear game plan going on and we wanted to imagine exactly how that might look.

Or to put things simply: how could United line up next season without Pogba, but with Kane and Grealish instead?

Obviously, it’s not rocket science to work out where Kane would play, but plotting how Grealish would fit into the jigsaw puzzle is far less seamless, so we’ve drawn up three possible options.


Three ways Man Utd could line up

Given that both Kane and Grealish would cost an absolute fortune, we’ve not added any more potential signings to the XIs and we’ve picked the players that we think Ole Gunnar Solskjaer would elsewhere on the pitch.

But disclaimers aside, here are three possible ways that United could line up for the 2021-22 campaign if Keane was pulling the strings in the boardroom:

1. 4–3–3 (Grealish out wide)


2. 4–3–3 (Grealish in midfield)


3. Diamond in midfield


Some incredible options for Man Utd

They are some pretty decent options to have, it must be said, but what else would you expect when Keane is backing United to make two of the biggest signings in Premier League history?

As much as it would force Marcus Rashford out of the position he’s become accustomed to over the last few seasons, the first option does seem the most likely in a world where Grealish arrived.

Solskjaer has experimented with a diamond in midfield at times this season, but it seems pretty clear that 4–3–3 is what he favours and it’s so difficult to picture there being room for Grealish.


At the end of the day, you’d be mad to displace Fernandes from the attacking midfield position that he’s thriving in at Old Trafford and playing box-to-box wouldn’t get the best out of Grealish at all.

However, if pushing Rashford to the right-wing is the price that United would have to pay for Kane and Grealish leading their line, then I think they’d pay it twice over and say: ‘keep the change’.

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