Conor McGregor next fight: Notorious offers Dustin Poirier trilogy prediction


Conor McGregor is beginning to ramp up the trash talk as his UFC 264 trilogy bout with Dustin Poirier fast approaches.

Poirier upset the odds in their second bout earlier this year, executing a cunning fight plan to perfection and leaving the Irishman in a heap in the corner.

Poirier, taking advantage of his opponents bizarre boxing stance, shut down McGregor's famed movement with a series of vicious calf kicks.

Then, once he had McGregor nigh-on immobilised, Poirier pounced, flattening Notorious with a flurry of brutal punches that left the in-Octagon official with no choice but to call off the bout.

Now, with a trilogy fight 'for all the marbles' set down for July 10, McGregor is going to great lengths to show just how seriously he is taking the threat of the American this time around.

Notorious has been sharing extensive footage from inside his ruthless training sessions as he looks to whip himself into the best shape possible.


He has also shared footage showing a change in stance as well.

Now, with fight night just over two months away, McGregor has begun predicting the result of the Las Vegas clash and, unsurprisingly, he's predicting a one-sided affair.

Posting footage of his merciless victory over Donald Cerrone in 2020, McGregor commented:

“Watch me open up the arts and puck these peasants around. Starting July 10th.”

He then responded to a journalist who was debating the KO of 2021 so far with: “Hang tight, horse. You’ll see the winner July 10th.”

McGregor has always been a confident chap, but he genuinely does look hell-bent on righting the wrongs of their second bout.

In other social media shenanigans, he showed off his new 'jacked and loaded' physique as he looks to add more power to his game.

Poirier meanwhile, is sticking to his mantra of quietly going about his business with the odd comment here and there.


In his own prediction, Diamond told ESPN: “I'm going to stop Conor again.

“On July 10 I'm going to get my hand raised and I'm going to finish Conor McGregor again.”

If Conor truly has gotten his act together and gives Poirier the respect he so rightly deserves then it promises to be an incredibly explosive fight.

Anything can happen under those Sin City lights and we'll be counting down the days until these two step into that infamous cage once again.

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