Grand Theft Auto 6 release date: GTA fans dealt bad news


Grand Theft Auto 6 is arguably the most highly anticipated upcoming release in the gaming world, especially since GTA V was released almost eight years ago now.

Despite it enjoying record-breaking sales in recent years, fans of the game are becoming restless and they want a new game to enjoy.

However, it seems like their wait is going to continue for some time yet.

Earlier this week, Rockstar had posted new job listings for game testers, which many took as a hint that GTA 6 is potentially nearing completion. But despite this, a Twitter user by the name of ViewerAnon claims that the game testing could last years and Rockstar has its eyes on a late 2023 release date.

In a reply to a tweet which said: “Gamers Suspect GTA 6 Is Dropping Soon After Rockstar Posts Ad Looking Game Testers,” ViewerAnon replied: “Define "soon." Companies test games for *years*.

“And last year Rockstar internally had GTA VI set for a late 2023 release.”

In a subsequent tweet, ViewerAnon said: “Re: Questions I've been getting, they're not going to announce GTA VI before GTA V's next-gen upgrade is released. Red Dead Redemption II was announced one year before its original release date. Expect GTA VI to be announced late next year if COVID hasn't set it back.”

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Of course, fans should take anything that doesn’t come directly from Rockstar with a pinch of salt, but for a game of such magnitude, it obviously makes sense that testing may take years.

While fans may not be getting a GTA 6 announcement this year, many are still hoping for some sort of news regarding the franchise, most notably whether GTA V will be re-released for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

There could also be a new GTA Online release due to the continuously rising popularity of the game.

All in all, fans will need to stay patient until an official announcement emerges.

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